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Week of 3/31/17 – Mr. Andrews – BCS

MONDAY: Alice programming (day 2) – Design a world and insert objects and animations. Share

TUESDAY: Typing.com

WEDNESDAY: Work on PP project; introduce animation/transition

THURSDAY: PP Continued

FRIDAY: PP presentation day!

6th Grade, PowerPoint, Intro and Projects

EQ:  How is MS Powerpoint used in the business world?  How can we use hyperlinks to make an interactive experience?

Lesson Plan for this week

E-Zoo PowerPoint Project – Choose 8 or more animals to put in your zoos.  You must have a cover, a conclusion, and a “map” slide in your slideshow.  Your slide show must use hyperlinks to navigate the zoo.  This is not a linear PowerPoint presentation!  This is an interactive zoo experience!  You must include an exit so that we can end our tour of your zoo.  Be creative and have fun!!  See example.  Good Luck!


Create an “Comic”, “Story”, or “Music Video” using MS PowerPoint.  Requirements: 10+ slides, hyperlink-ed pages, background pictures and foreground characters, an easy to follow storyline/path.  You must attempt to use one of the following advanced features: Animations, music, or “animated gifs”. See example.  Good luck!

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