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  • Yearbook Deadline

    2017 - 02.22

    The deadline for ordering your child a yearbook is tomorrow, February 23rd.

    Spring Picture Day is tomorrow!

    2017 - 02.22

    Please look in your child’s Take Home Folder for information regarding our Spring Pictures tomorrow.  If you want to purchase a class picture complete the payment envelope and send in the money tomorrow.  Also, look for and send in the Spring Portraits Selection Form where you may choose options for your child’s picture.   Payments for individual pictures will be taken at a later time. 


    Students teaching math!

    2016 - 11.27

    Mrs. Poole’s math class worked with a partner to solve a word problem.   Then, they presented their word problem to class with an explanation of how it was solved.  They loved being the teachers in the class!

    img_3500 img_3501 img_3502 img_3505

    Book Character Day

    2016 - 11.27

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    3rd Grade Winners

    EJES Mock Election

    2016 - 11.27

    So proud of our third graders at East Jackson Elementary for researching, planning, organizing, and implementing a mock presidential election today for our school. A big shout out too for Kaycie Rogers for helping the third grade teachers and students through the whole process!

    img_3169 img_3175 14925683_10211240293033941_6660981806960384146_n14925260_10211240294073967_8892414291613868732_n  14925407_10211240308394325_3549629574185329901_n-1 14955931_10211240306154269_5411359009420071803_n-114956510_10211240308994340_7642542923011642513_n-1  14962677_10211240306554279_8671909542570957313_n-1 14962677_10211240306554279_8671909542570957313_n-2 15032135_10211240297034041_5297071800174879073_n-1 15032859_10211240309994365_9002097552939281190_n-1


    2016 - 11.27



    img_3124 img_3126 img_3115 img_3131 img_3132

    Fun Run Festivities

    2016 - 10.03

    We had an awesome kickoff pep rally and a wonderful week of dress-up days, collecting pledges, earning prizes, and of course our Fun Run laps!  Thank you for helping your child to collect pledges.  Remember, you can still collect pledges this upcoming week as well.  We appreciate all your support!  Here are some of our highlights from last week.








    The heat goes on!

    2016 - 10.03

    We are continuing our study of heat…



    Emerson is discovering how heat travels.  The students could feel the heat from their warm finger traveling to the cooler water, and the heat from the somewhat hot water traveled to their cooler finger.  Everyone thought it was so cool!  Ha!  (Remember heat travels to cooler objects/places.)



    We learned that heat is produced through friction with our Friction Centers.  We rubbed hands, rubbed sandpaper, and rubbed pennies on felt.  As we rubbed we recorded our hot results just like scientists do!


    We also learned that heat can be produced by mixing chemicals.  First, we had a lesson on safety in Science, and here we are taking precautions before our “Mixing Chemicals” experiment!

    Here we are mixing the chemicals… feel the heat!





    Robotic Olympic

    2016 - 10.03

    The day had finally arrived… ROBOTIC OLYMPICS!  All the third grade students prepared by programming their robots for two Olympic events.  We had Chariot Racing from the Ancient Olympics and Gymnastics for the Modern Olympics.  They had previously researched their country and made their own chariots.  Everyone was so excited and I am very proud of all their hard work.  Let the games begin!


    Lining up for our “Parade of Countries”


    Our official judges


    Miss Rogers… Master of Ceremonies


    Hungary waiting for the Chariot Racing to begin


    The rest of the team waiting at the finish line


    Reprogramming the robots for the gymnastics


    Getting ready to watch Mexico’s gymnastic routine


    About to announce the winners


    The South Africa team from Mrs. Poole’s class won first place in the Chariot Racing event.  Congratulations Carl, Kaleb, Seth, and Luke!


    The Figi team from Mrs. Poole’s class wons first place in the Gymnastics event.  Congratulations Jeremyah, Emerson, A.J., and Gavin (not pictured)!

    Science and Smores!

    2016 - 09.26

    We have started our new unit in Science… HEAT ENERGY.  To kick things off we conducted an experiment with pizza solar box ovens and smores.  Our hypothesis (question) was to find out which solar box oven would cook the smores the best (wood, plastic, or metal).  Most of the students predicted that the metal oven would.  We tested our ovens by placing them in the sun, and the pictures above show the students observing and recording the results.  (That’s what good scientists do!)  After several observations throughout the day, we analyzed our results and concluded that the metal oven cooked the smores the best.  With future experiments ahead, this finding will be proven again and again, and students will learn that metal is the best conductor of heat.  Conductors allow heat to easily travel through.  We ended our day with Smores for everyone!  Look for smore exciting heat energy lessons to come! 🙂


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