Happy Friday!

With CRCT over – YAY! – we are back to our integers! We will test on this the middle of next week. Things to review:

Study guides will go out Monday. This is the last unit test of the year! After this, we will preview some standards for seventh grade.

Happy studying! 🙂


Please do as much as you can at home to prepare over the weekend. If you can get online, Study Island is an excellent resource. Red workbooks are also excellent practice. Other helpful things are: any fraction, decimal percentage practice, finding areas, finding means and simply brushing up on times tables. Happy Studying!!!

Integers and Ordered Pairs

This week we learned about positive and negative numbers, including absolute value. We also learned how to plot an ordered pair on a coordinate grid. The answer to today’s plotting exercise can be found here.

We will postpone the test for this unit until after the CRCT so that we can really focus on some math review next week.

This weekend (and every weekend), please try to review number systems at home. Try multiplication flash cards during commercials, splitting or multiplying recipes with fractions, and calculating tips and discounts as percents.

Spring Break!!!

Hope you all enjoy the time off April 1 – 5. Be sure to come back ready to review for the upcoming CRCT (the end of April).

Here is the answer key for the statistics color sheet. If you want to try again. You can find a blank copy here: springstats


Statistics Testing

We will test on statistics this week before spring break. The unit is rather complex, so we have divided the assessment into two parts.

Part one study guide goes home tonight (and is also inserted below); we will test on that portion tomorrow. Part two study guide goes home Wednesday, and we will test on that portion Thursday. (Any revisions will need to be made on Friday.)


Statistics Project!

Our statistics project is due tomorrow; here is a summary of the requirements:

1) Take a quantitative survey. Ask at least 20 people a question involving “how many” something. Make a list of the data.

2) Find the mean, median, mode and range of the data. (Brownie points if students also find interquartile range and MAD!)

3) Use a graph from the foldable we made in class to represent the data. The choices are: line plot, dot plot, histogram, frequency table, stem and leaf plot, or box and whisker plot.

4) Put it all together in a booklet or on poster board.

If students neglected to bring home their foldables, please view our lesson plan here:


Student Break

Students have a long weekend as March 14-15 as student vacation days. Enjoy! =)

We begin the last quarter upon their return Monday the 18th.