Week 4/14 – 4/18


We are working hard here at school to make sure that your child is prepared for the CRCT. You can help too! Please make sure that your child gets plenty of sleep the next two weeks, and has a good breakfast (either at home or at school).




***Important notice: If you bring your child to school, please make plans to drop them off at EJCHS-8th grade hall on testing days. 8th grade students will be housed at EJCHS for the entire day (including connections) on those days.


Also, make plans to join EJMS for the 5K & Fun Run!



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Week 4/7-4/11

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!

We have 11 days until the CRCT!! In order to make the most of our instructional time available, we have made a change to the schedule.

8th Grade Schedule

 9:35-10:00 – house

10:02- warning bell

10:03 -10:55- 3rd block

10:55-11:25 – lunch

11:25- 11:40 – 3rd continued

11:42- warning bell

11:43- 12:53 – 4th block

12:55- warning bell

12:56 -2:06 – 5th block

2:08- warning bell

2:09 – 3:20 – 6th block




In other news:




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Week 3/10/14 – 3/14/14

This week in Science:

S8CS10: Students will enhance reading in all curriculum areas

S8P4a: Identify characteristics of electromagnetic and mechanical waves

S8P4f: Diagram the parts of the wave and explain how the parts are affected by the changes in amplitude and pitch.


Monday: Bill Nye Video (Waves), Heat Transfer Matching Activity

Tuesday: Test on Heat (Chapter 10). Classnotes (Wave Types)

Wednesday: Classnotes (Wave Properties), Making the Wave Activity

Thursday: Wave Behavior Foldable

Friday: Brainpop (Waves), Chapter 20 Quiz, Waves Reading Activity


Dates to Remember:

March 11: Spring Pictures

March 18: Chili Cook Off/Social Studies Night

March 25: Information Night for Rising 6th and 8th Graders

March 31 – April 4: Spring Break



In Social Studies:

We will be studying state standard SS8H12 Modern Georgia

Topics include:

Monday-Students will be completing a study guide for the test., Olympics and Immigration is the topic

Tuesday-Powerpoint in the lab on  (review standards for a summative project grade)

Weds- TEST. SS8H11 and SS8H12

Thurs and Friday- Federal Gov’t  (levels, branches,types of gov’t and citizenship


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Week 3/3/14 – 3/7/14

Physical Science Week at a Glance:

S8CS10: Students will enhance reading in all curriculum areas

S8P2d: Describe how heat can be transferred through matter by the collisions of atoms (conduction) or through space (radiation). In a liquid or gas, currents will facilitate the transfer of heat (convection).


Classroom Activities:

Monday: Bill Nye Video (Heat), Time Article on Energy Efficiency

Tuesday: Complete Article Summary, heat Graphic Organizer

Wednesday: Heat Transfer Demonstrations, Heat Transfer Matching Game

Thursday: Heat Transfer Webquest in PC Lab

Friday: Chapter 10 Test on Heat

Dates to Remember:

4th Nine Weeks begins March 17th

Spring Break: March 31- April 4

CRCT: April 22nd – 30th






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Week of 2/24 – 2/28

Another month almost gone! We are in the home stretch!!


In Science, we are finishing our unit on Energy conversions and Conservation of Energy. This week, we created marble roller coasters to show how energy can be converted from potential to kinetic and back. The kids really enjoyed this activity!


In Georgia Studies, we are discussing Georgia’s contribution to World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, and the 1950s in general. We are taking an open note test on the unit this week.


Upcoming events  :



We also have begun a school fundraiser…ask to see your child’s packet!!



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Additional Information…






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Week of 2/17 – 2/21

Whew…thought we were going to be snowed in forever! Actually, I love the snow and enjoyed the days with my children. But as we know, all good things must come to an end, and since I am not excited about the thought of spending the Fourth of July still at school… I am glad we’re back!


A few important things:

The Chili Cook-off will be rescheduled. We are looking at combining it with Social Studies night in March. More info to come.

Parent conferences are going to be held NEXT WEEK. Expect to see conference sign up sheets coming home with your child.

We are waiting to hear about MAKE-UP days. As it stands, we will add 20 minutes to the school day as well as an extra day at the end of the year. This is subject to change as the State BOE will meet this week. More info to come.

8th Grade Parents and Students will have a meeting Tuesday (2/18) at 6pm in the EJCHS Auditorium to discuss High School registration and the Career Pathways offered by the High School.

Beginning at the end of this week, and into next week, 8th graders (with the help of high school counselors and administrators) will be registering for ELECTIVES for next year. Their ACADEMIC classes are being determined now by their classroom teachers.


Next week is FFA week! Please support EJMS FFA by participating in Dress-Up days next week!

Monday – Moo Moo Day (Dress like a cow!)

Tuesday – No dress up (Due to SACS visit to the school)

Wednesday – Farmer Wednesday

Thursday – Twin Thursday

Friday – Blue and Gold Friday


In other news:

Science – we are learning about the different forms of energy. We are on our last leg before the CRCT, and will be very busy over the next couple of months!

Social Studies – we are finishing WWI and the Great Depression, and will begin talking about WWII by the end of the week.

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Week 2/3 – 2/7

There are several important notices this week:



Each House will be presenting a pot of chili. If you would like to donate items for the chili, or if you have a great chili recipe, send them with your child. Each Community will also be putting together items for a gift basket to be raffled at the Chili Cook Off. See this week’s Monday Mail for the theme of the basket for our 8th Grade Community.



8th Graders will take a bus from the High School over to the Middle School on one of the first wave buses.



As much as we enjoyed the snow days, we will have to make them up. Please note that the February 17th day was originally part of our Winter Break, and the May 22nd day has been added to the end of the school year.


In Academic news…

In science we just started a unit on Energy. We are exploring the concepts of potential and kinetic energy, and various other types of energy.

In Social Studies, we are learning about Georgia at the turn of the 20th century. Focusing on Political, Social, and Economic reforms. From there we will begin a short unit on Georgia’s role in World War II.





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Week 1/27 – 1/31

Another exciting event brought to you by EJMS!!!




In science, we have been continuing our work on Simple Machines. Friday, the students started a partner project where they were to create a Rube Goldberg design that incorporates at least 5 Simple Machines to complete a simple task, such as turning on a light, kicking a soccer ball, turn on a tv, or something of their own choice. They really had a lot of fun with this project!

There will be a test on Wednesday on the concepts of Force and Motion and Simple Machines.

The next unit will be on Energy, exploring the concepts of potential and kinetic energy.


In social studies, we have been talking about the Economical, Political and Social issues of Reconstruction.


FYI: The cold weather make up day will be March 14th, we WILL  have school that day.


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Week 1/21-1/24

Welcome to anther short week! In my experience, the school year from January to May flies by…it’ll be over before we know it! 🙂


The Writing Test will be held on Wednesday morning at EJMS. Students will test at the middle school, eat lunch with their connections, and report back to the high school for their academic classes.


This week in Science, we are celebrating the end of the Science Fair! Everyone involved did an awesome job!!


We are also working on Simple Machines: Screws, Inclined planes, Wedges, Lever, Wheel and Axle, Pulley, and Gears. We spent some time on EdHeads website finding simple machines around the house.


In Georgia Studies, we have been working on Reconstruction in the South, the New South, Sharecropping, Tenant Farming, and Political/Economical/Social Reconstruction.


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