February News

 - by Charleaze Langley

Hi Everyone,

February is already here – can you believe it? To keep you updated, we have

provided you with some important dates in February.

February 6th – Valentine’s Day Dance

February 9th-10th – Early Release at 12:30pm. If you child is staying in After School

there is a slight increase in fees do to the extended hours.

February 17h-20th – System Holiday

February 24th – Relay for Life Hat Day

February 27th – March 2 – Book Fair Week


Happy 2012 New Year

 - by Charleaze Langley

We look forward to a successful 2012 school year. Welcome back!

Early Release Days

 - by Charleaze Langley

Hello Parents and Guardians,

We have early release on November 9-10th. If you are interested in having your child

in After School please note that thier is a site price increase for the extended stay in

our program. We have a fun filled afternoon planned on these two days.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (706) 654-2044.

October 31st, 2011

 - by Charleaze Langley

Monday, October 31st, we are going to have a hauntingly good time making edible

treats and then we plan on watching a spookingly good movie. We plan on taking

pictures of the activity, so stay posted!


Drug Free Week

 - by Charleaze Langley

This week we have been celebrating Drug Free Week by dressing up in different

attire to support not using drugs.

Monday students got to wear ties and sunglasses.

Tuesday stuents wore camo or red, white, and blue.

Wednesday students wore all red.

Thursday is P.J. Day.

Friday is all black attire day.

Come and join us in the fun!

Community Involvement

 - by Charleaze Langley

We were so excited to have Dental Hygienist Jennifer Stanphill join us on September

13th to present to the After School students the importance of brushing and flossing their

teeth. At the end of her presentation, she left us wanting to learn more. Before she left,

Ms. Stanphill placed a raw egg into a jar of vinegar and asked us to observe the egg over

the next few days to see if any changes occur to the color and density of the egg. We all

are curious to see what happens. Stay tuned to find out!

Homework Notice

 - by Charleaze Langley

We strive to make sure our students have quality homework time because we know how

valuable it is. In saying so, if your child does not have any written work to complete

then they need to read a book during homework time. We prefer them to read Accelerated

Reading books if possible because they can take test on them and check their


In the News!

 - by Charleaze Langley

We are very pleased to be an active After School Program in Jackson County. Here, we  strive to provide an atmosphere that is safe and inviting. Maintaining proper conduct while in the program is the joint responsibility of the students, parents and guardians, as well as our staff. Students are not allowed to bring toys, MP3 players, I Pods, etc… from home to play with in the After School Program. They are encouraged to use the things provided for them in the After School Program to use and play with. We look forward to working with your child!


 - by Charleaze Langley

Welcome to my site. I hope that you will find the resources here useful.

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