Approaching the end…

Well, I’ve been bad about posting.  Sorry!  The following is the tentative schedule for each section of physical science.  Please let me know if you have questions! 1st, 2nd, & 3rd (Regular 8th grade physical science)- Reviewing for waves currently.  Students will take the waves test on Thursday 5/07.  After that, they will have a couple of graded assignments on magnetism and electricity and a test review, followed by a test. If students have no missing assignments and are passing science for the year, they will be building roller coasters after the above.  Students who have missing assignments and/or are not passing, will be completing and re-doing assignments to help bring up their grade.   4TH AND 5TH (High school Physical Science Course)- We just finished solutions and then will be starting acids and bases tomorrow and Friday.  Next week, we will finish with radioactivity and then will be reviewing for the EOC with any leftover time. Students received a letter for you to sign giving the date of the EOC test (May 18th) and a website for them to do EOC review.  There are 4 Physical science tests on there and they must do each of these by Friday (with a passing score).  These will each count as a quiz grade of 100 as long as the score is passing.  This can really help bring up their grade! After the EOC, we will do a couple of graded assignments for chemistry, followed by a test review and test over chemistry.  Students who are missing assignments after that point, will be required to remediate in class, while the others get to work with the electricity kits.

Thanks so much for your continued support! Ms. J

Week ending 2/13/15 (Friday the 13th week!!! spooooky ;-)

1, 2, 3- regular physical science

Monday- we finished simple machines and studied for the oral exam over Newton’s laws.  Before students launch their rockets, they have to answer the 9 questions (they have a copy of the exact questions).  This counts as their oral exam.  The 9 questions they must know are below:

1.  What is Newton’s 1st Law?

2.  When the rocket is on the launcher, it is at _________________?

3.  What sends the rocket in motion?

4.  What 3 things bring it out of motion?

5.  What is Newton’s 2nd Law?

6.  So if you have 2 rockets- 1 big and 1 small, which takes the most force to get to the same acceleration?

7.  What is Newton’s 3rd Law?

8.  In the case of our rockets, what’s the action?

9.  In the case of our rockets, what’s the reaction?

Tuesday and Wednesday we will finish rockets and launch them.  At this time, they will do their oral exam.  Thursday, students will take an exam over Forces and Motion.  They were given the review sheet last week and we went over it a little every day.  They should be studying this for the exam which is on THURSDAY!


4th & 5th- Students finished magnetism today.  They will be looking at electricity, complete with parallel and series circuits this week.



Remember, students are out on Friday of this week and Monday of next week!  Happy break!!



Week ending 2/6/15

1, 2, & 3rd- Students received a review sheet over forces and motion on Monday and were supposed to complete 1-14 last night.  They need to do 15-25 tonight, 26-36 Wednesday night, and 37-47 Thursday night.  The test is on Friday, unless we can’t get through quick enough and then it will be Monday.

Students will be launching rockets on Thursday.  Students will need to wear warm clothes, but it is supposed to be relatively warm–58 I think?  When they launch their rockets, they will have to tell about all 3 laws and how these apply to rockets.  Only if they are able to tell about this will they be able to launch.


4th & 5th- I had planned on giving the waves test Wednesday but had to leave school early today to get Jake (sick with bronchitis).  Anyway, I will give them their review sheet tomorrow and they will test on Tuesday.  We will go ahead and start the next unit on electricity and magnetism tomorrow.


  1.  Waves
  2. Transverse
  3. Frequency
  4. Crests
  5. Troughs
  6. Amplitude
  7. Wavelength
  8. Decreases
  9. Hertz
  10. Longitudinal/compressional
  11. Increases
  12. False
  13. Pitch
  14. Energy
  15. Loudness
  16. Doppler effect
  17. Louder
  18. Decibels
  19. Acoustics
  20. Resonance
  21. Pitch
  22. interference
  23. constructive interference
  24. radiation
  25. 3 5 2 4 7 1 6
  26. Photons
  27. Medium
  28. It refracts
  29. Approximately 300,000,000 m/s
  30. Infrared
  31. F= V/wavelength= 420 m/s/ 6m= 70Hz
  32. V= wavelength x frequency= 3.2m x 0.6Hz= 1.92 m/s
  33. Longitudinal/compressional
  34. Decreases
  35. Increases
  36. Reflected

46. destructive interference

  1. Hertz
  2. echoes
  3. echolocation
  4. sonar
  5. infrared
  6. higher
  7. sound (ultrasound)
  8. regular reflection
  9. red, green, & blue
  10. white light
  11. A, D, B, E, B


Diagram- A- crest

B- Wavelength

C- amplitude


Week ending 1/23/15

Hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend!  I don’t know about you, but I really needed it! (Yes I know, we just got back from a long Christmas break, but…).  This week, we are working on Newton’s Laws.  With Newton’s Laws, we typically build water rockets and need TONS of 2 liter bottles asap!!  I’ve been asking students to bring these in, but haven’t gotten them yet.  This is for my regular physical science classes.  (EOC classes have already done these!)  I ask that they are name brand- Coke or Pepsi.  The height of the nozzle on the bottle is different on some of the off brands and won’t launch.  It’s a problem we’ve had in the past 3 years and I hate that they aren’t all standard.  :-((  Thanks so much for your help in getting these bottles in.  We will only launch them when it is warm enough to do so, so it may take a couple of weeks to get to this point!

1st, 2nd, 3rd- No quiz this week because it is a 4 day school week.  Students will have graded assignments on Newton’s Laws.  The TEST (not quiz) over Gravity, Forces & motion will be next week.  Students will receive a study guide and we will go over this.  I plan on Wednesday/Thursday for the test, depending on when we finish up.


4th & 5th (EOC Physical Science)- No quiz this week because of the 4 day week.  We will finish up sound waves and will move on to light waves.  The test over waves will be end of the next week, beginning of the following week.

As always, if you have any questions for me at all, feel free to call or email!

Ms. J


Week Ending 12/12/14

One more Monday til Christmas break…but who’s counting??? 🙂

This is unit test week for all!!-

1, 2, 3- CHEMISTRY PART 2 EXAM- chemical composition and periodic table- We are currently working on a review sheet.  I will post the answers tomorrow night on the web page, but we are going over this as we go!!  Please have students STUDY for this!!  We will start gravity on Thursday this week!!


4,5- ENERGY, WORK, POWER, SIMPLE MACHINES & HEAT TRANSFER TEST TOMORROW!!! (TUESDAY)  We have gone over half of this.  I have to be out for a robotics class today and cannot go over the 2nd half.  Here are the answers:

ANSWERS TO REVIEW SHEET ENERGY, simplemachines, work, power, heat transfer


No quizzes this Friday since we have unit exams in both classes!!

Ms. J


Week ending 12/05/14

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!  This week:

1st, 2nd, 3rd- We are finishing our chemistry unit.  Students will receive a review sheet tomorrow and will begin working on this to prepare for next week’s test.  I gave back a drawing atoms page and many students did not do well on this.  Students are encouraged to stay after for tutoring on Wednesday or for lunch tutoring to redo this assignment for a better grade.


4th & 5th- We are finishing our energy unit.  Students were given a homework assignment on Monday to be completed by Wednesday.  This is to be done on the internet.  It is a thermal energy transfer graphic organizer.  I’ve told them there are NO EXCUSES allowed on Wednesday for not having this done.  Here is a copy in case they lost theirs:

Thermal energy transfer


I am currently grading all science fair projects.  I will get these grades back to students as soon as I can.  These are lengthy to grade!

Thanks so much!

Ms. J


As promised all year long, SCIENCE FAIR IS DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY, 11/19/14!!  Included in this project should be:

Trifold board


Research Paper



Their Science Fair Packet lists all the things required for each thing.  All students were given this packet at the beginning of the year (first day of school), but here is the attachment in case they lost it:



Also, here is a picture of my son Jake’s project.  His had to be turned in today for 6th grade.  The board does not have to be exactly in a specific way but should follow the steps of the scientific method in order from left to right.



Students have been allowed to work with me most of the week during lunch and

flex time this week.  Next week on Monday & Tuesday, students are allowed to

work with me at lunch and after school until 4:30.  I will also be available on Wednesday

for normal tutoring for retakes and such.


Week ending 11/07/14

siggggghhhhh…My DAWGS lost 🙁  Oh well…here’s the info for this week! 🙂

1st, 2nd, 3rd-  I should have seen all 3 sets of data by now for science fair.  This Friday’s check is the analysis and conclusion written in their logbook.  If I have not seen any part of their logbook, FRIDAY IS THE DAY to get this made up!  THE WHOLE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IS DUE 11/19/14!!  This is the logbook, trifold board, research paper, and abstract!

Quiz this week- They were supposed to have a 1st 20 elements and common compounds quiz on Tuesday but I forgot to remind them, soooo….this will be added to the quiz on Friday!  Also on the quiz:

Compounds, Mixtures & Elements


4th & 5th period-I should have seen all 3 sets of data by now for science fair.  This Friday’s check is the analysis and conclusion written in their logbook.  If I have not seen any part of their logbook, FRIDAY IS THE DAY to get this made up!  THE WHOLE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IS DUE 11/19/14!!  This is the logbook, trifold board, research paper, and abstract!

Quiz this week-

Law of Conservation of Energy and calculations

Forms of energy and conversions


Week Ending 10/31/14

All classes:

By Friday, I should have seen all 3 sets of data for all students for science fair.  I still have a ton of students who have not shown me any data, and that is SCARY because the whole project is due 11/19/14!!!  That is right around the corner!!  Get it done now so you don’t have to stress out!!

1st, 2nd, & 3rd period:  Quiz this Friday over Elements, Compounds, & mixtures (Matter is classified as graphic organizer)  STUDY!! 🙂

4th & 5th period:  Check EDMODO daily for homework assignments!  Also, quiz Friday over energy, potential and kinetic calculations and Law of Conservation of Energy.


Week Ending 10/24/14

Happy Fall Ya’ll 🙂

The crisp weather is here!  I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am!  Just to let you know, I am out Monday and Tuesday this week at a STEM conference (Science, technology, engineering, and math) in Athens.  I will be back to see my kiddos on Wednesday!

This week…


Data is due in logbooks again this Friday!  Some students have shown me NO logbook information at all!  These projects are due completely on November 19, so it is sooooo important they get this done now and not stress so much about it later!


1, 2, 3- Students received a review sheet for nature of matter last week and were supposed to have finished it today in class.  I will be checking this Wednesday in class for completion and then we will go over it.

TEST OVER NATURE OF MATTER- Thursday.  Make sure you study!  After the nature of matter unit, we will move into composition of matter and periodic table.


4, 5- Students received a review sheet last week.  TEST OVER FORCES AND MOTION is tomorrow.  We will launch rockets on Wednesday IF all students finish their test on Tuesday!  After Forces, we will be moving into the energy unit!

As always, if you need anything at all, please let me know!  Remember that tutoring is every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30!

Ms. J