Week of September 15th – 19th

 - by Angie Wood

We are currently focusing on Writing About Math (W.A.M) in LAL.  Students will be expected to complete Constructed Response math questions on the Georgia Milestone end-of-year assessment.  For 4 weeks, I will be focusing on constructing complete and comprehensive answers to math prompts.  Here’s what else we have going on:

  • Finance Project – understanding personal budget
  • Khan Academy – we are utilizing the blended learning model to review and preview upcoming topics for their math class
  • Service Learning Project – Bullying. The students are creating an anti-bullying project that they have researched and will share with the 5th graders at EJES.
  • Algebra Foldable – Algebra will be 60% of the GMAS test. This foldable is review and is a tool that the students can use in their math class

Week of April 22nd – 26th

 - by Angie Wood

We will continue with CRCT testing this week.  Please make sure that your child has had plenty of rest and is at school on time each day.  We are offering “universal breakfast” to all students free of charge each day of testing.  The testing schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday – Math
  • Wednesday – Science
  • Thursday – Social Studies

After CRCT, we will be offering a 2 week school-wide reassessment schedule.  Students on an academic contract will be given a reassess schedule for those summatives that they need to retake.  Any student who wants to retake any summative assessment needs to tell their academic teacher which assessment and when they will be ready


Week of April 15th – 19th

 - by Angie Wood

We begin CRCT testing this week!  Make sure your child is at school on time each day and has had plenty of rest.  To prepare themselves at home, they can practice on IXL, OAS, or Study Island.  We will test ELA and Reading this week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Driftwood – Wednesday will be the deadline to hold spots for students to go to Driftwood.  If your student still wants to reserve a spot, please contact any of the 7th grade teachers.

Week of April 8th – 12th

 - by Angie Wood

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a refreshing Spring Break!  We are entering into the testing season.  Until we take the math portion of the CRCT, we will be strictly working in review groups.  Your child may have homework depending on what he/she finished in their review group that day.  All groups will be working on different units.  Each student will rotate to every group in the time we have left.  Your child can prepare by working in IXL, Study Island, or by taking the review tests on Georgia OAS. Each student will get their OAS log in information on Monday.  We will begin testing the next week, the week of the 15th. Below is the testing schedule:

  • Wednesday, April 17th – Reading
  • Thursday, April 18th – ELA
  • Friday, April 19th – Make up day for any who were absent
  • Tuesday, April 23rd – Math
  • Wednesday, April 24th – Science
  • Thursday, April 25th – Social Studies
  • Friday, April 26th – last chance for make up testing

Week of March 11th – 15th

 - by Angie Wood

We will be finishing up our Geometry unit this week.  Attached are the cloze notes and practice we will be completing in class.  Since it is a short week, we will not be having homework.  Below is a week at a glance.

Two Weeks-at-a-Glance

  • Monday 3/11- Volume
  • Tuesday 3/12- Surface Area
  • Wednesday 3/13- extra practice with Volume and Surface Area
  • Thursday 3/14- Student Holiday
  • Friday 3/15- Student/Teacher Holiday
  • Monday 3/18 – Review and Unit 5 Assessment
  • Tuesday 3/19 – Unit 5 Assessment (continued)
  • Wednesday 3/20 – Inferences/Statistics (population samples, mean absolute deviation)
  • Thursday 3/21 – Probability (simple events)
  • Friday 3/22 – Probability (compound events)

Beginning Monday, March 25th, we will be beginning out CRCT PUSH review groups. During the 12 school days that follow, your student will be involved in a “math boot camp” in preparation for the test that begins on April 17th. Any and all of the websites that are linked to the right will greatly help in their preparations.


Week of February 25th – March 1st

 - by Angie Wood

Thank you so much for the supplies that you all sent in!  We greatly appreciate  it :).  We are continuing with our Geometry unit this week.  The following is a Week at a Glance:

  • Monday – Review quiz from Friday; begin vocabulary for circles
  • Tuesday – Working with finding the circumference of circles
  • Wednesday – Working with finding the area of circles
  • Thursday – Working in small groups to review both topics
  • Friday – Performance Task – finding circumference and area of circles

Please make sure that your student is bringing their interactive notebook home each night to review the material we are learning in class.

Tuesday – March 5th – Eagles Excelling Academically Night/Chili Cook off!  Come out and watch your student shine as they show off what they know in each academic area, and vote for the best homeroom chili!  Look for more info in the Monday mail!

Homework – this is only the homework for Monday and Tuesday nights.  Wednesday and Thursday are to follow! HW 2:25 – 2:29

Week of February 11th – 15th

 - by Angie Wood

We will be beginning our Geometry unit this week! All students need a composition notebook for this unit.  Please look for this to come home every night!  Your student should be reviewing what we covered that day with you each night.   Other supplies that are needed:

  • post it notes – large squares and small squares
  • scotch tape
  • Elmer’s rubber cement
  • pencils and erasers
  • scissors
  • markers of colored pencils (optional)

Since we have two short weeks, the homework posted is for the next two weeks.  We will check homework EVERYDAY.  Each day is dated so students will know what they are to do.  Homework 2/11, 12, 13, 19  Homework 2/20 – 21

Winter Break – Friday 2/15 and Monday 2/18



Week of February 4th – 8th

 - by Angie Wood

7th grade will be taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) this week.  This is a standardized test that measures basic skills in math, language arts, and reading.  There will be no homework during this week.

Testing Tips for Students

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Arrive at school on time

We will be running an abbreviated class schedule due to testing.  In class this week, we will be finishing up our Unit 3 test and performance tasks.  We will also be previewing our next unit which is Geometry. For this unit we will be utilizing interactive notebooks.  If your student does not currently have a composition math journal, he/she will need one for this next unit.  They will also need the following materials:

  • multicolored post-it notes (square)
  • clear scotch tape
  • Elmer’s rubber cement
  • pencils and cap erasers/pink rectangular erasers
  • scissors

If you would like to send extras for the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂




Week of January 28th – February 1st

 - by Angie Wood


Monday – Finish up and review unit 3.  Study Guide for Homework.  I have attached the key for the study guide for your use. Study Guide Answer Key

Tuesday – Review study guide

Wednesday and Thursday- Students will begin their end of unit performance tasks.  They choose 1 out of 5 tasks that they were interested in completing.

Friday – Unit 3 Assessment

Next week 7th grade will be taking the ITBS which is a standardized test like CRCT.  IT measures basic skills.  Please make sure that your student is on time, has had plenty of rest, and has eaten breakfast!

Week of January 21st – 25th

 - by Angie Wood

We will be working with consumer math this week! In ELT, the students will be finishing their “stores”, and in class we will begin applying tax, tip, discounts, and simple interest.  If your student has not brought in their poster board, they will need it for ELT this week!

Please make sure you are asking your student to explain math concepts to you.  They should have essential questions in their agendas.

Week at a Glance

  • Monday, January 21st – MLK Holiday
  • Wednesday, January 23rd – Mock Writing Test.  This is a standardized testing situation.  Please make sure your child has plenty of sleep, breakfast, and is at school on time!
  • Wednesday, January 23rd – Final basketball game of the regular season EJMS vs. Jefferson (away).  Come out and support our Eagles!!
  • Friday, January 25th – Performance Task “Take Your BFF to Dinner.”   Students will demonstrate their understanding of applying tax, tip, and discount to purchases.

Homework for the Week – Homework will be due on FRIDAY for a formative grade.  Students can turn homework in early so that I can check for mistakes and they can make corrections.  Math Homework 1/21 – 1/25


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