8th Grade – Study Guide Answer Key Link

7th Grade Regular – Study Guide Answer Key Link

7th Grade Advanced – Study Guide Answer Key Link

Answers to Proportions and Percentages Review

Click here to see the answers to the proportions page

Click here to see the answers to the percentages page

Videos for class on 3/28

Angle Relationship Intro Video

YouTube Preview Image

Angle Relationship Notes

YouTube Preview Image

Bill Nye Probability Video

When you are finished with all of your experimental stuff (on the white board), click on the following link to access the Bill Nye Probability Video

6th Period Pythagorean Webquest


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7th Grade Regular Semester Exam Study Guide  (ANSWER KEY)

7th Grade Advanced Content Semester 1 Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

8th Grade Semester Exam Study Guide (ANSWER KEY)

Inequalities Re-Assessment SG Answer Key

Click below to check your answers.

Unit 2 Test 2 Study Guide REASSESSMENT Key

Also, log onto to practice more inequalities. Use the info below to log in:

Username: first initial + last name

Password: 0 + Lunch #

Go to the 7th grade tab and click on section U, lesson 7. Or N.7 for short.

2nd & 5th Period Stations

Station 1: Table closest to the White Board (IXL App)

  • Using the app, under 7th grade, go to lesson U.7

Station 2: Smartboard

  • Kahoot review game over inequalities!! (winner gets candy!!)

Station 3: Side TV

Station 4: Back TV (with laptops and extra tablets)

  • Using the TV and laptops make one (constructive) post with the hashtag #unitrates

Station 5: Table closest to my desk

  • Work on the unit rate practice worksheet.

1st Period Stations 11/12

Station 1: Side TV


Station 2: Back TV


Station 3: Table closest to my desk (IXL App)

  • Using the app, under 8th grade math, go to lesson N.3

Station 4: Table near whiteboard (Twitter App or work on Foldable)

  • Using the Twitter app, post (constructively) one post with the hashtag #parallellines
  • If you weren’t here to create your foldable…YOU NEED TO

Station 5: Smartboard

  • Finishing your foldable with my guidance