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07 Dec

For those of you who check my website frequently, please know that I use Remind 101 as my primary communication tool. If you are not signed up for my Remind texts/emails, please message me at, and I will make sure to add you.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to teach your children.

Nothing uplifts a teacher’s spirits more than witnessing her students not only meet expectations, but surpass them. I am so proud of the book talks that have been turned in so far. Below is a picture that captures a handful of these amazing projects. Thank you for your support from home.


Masters of Reading

23 Oct

Students have been working hard to understand, identify, apply, and evaluate the following reading elements:

  • Setting
  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • Dynamic Character
  • Static Character
  • Conflict
  • Theme
  • Plot
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Falling Action
  • Resolution
  • Mood
  • Tone
  • Denotation
  • Connotation

The majority of students have mastered these terms. Today,  students took their first unit reading test. Scores will be posted to Infinite Campus within the next week.

Upcoming Book Talks…Letters will be sent home on Tuesday

18 Oct

Please open link below, and email me with any questions. I can’t wait to report out on these presentations!


Sentence Structures

01 Oct

I thoroughly enjoyed reading students’ “Show, Not Tell” writing! We had several memorable pieces, all of which showcased strong action verbs, precise nouns, dialogue, five senses, and figurative language. One area of weakness for many students was properly punctuating sentences, so we redirected our focus to sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex) and sentence construction.

Misconceptions were cleared up, and, overall, students made great progress in identifying the different types. Next week, we will move from a writing-focus in language arts to analyzing literature. We will start by reviewing the elements of fiction, during which time we will go more in depth with plot. I’m looking forward to reading some great short stories and to starting our first class novel, The Outsiders.


Show Me…Don’t Tell Me

28 Aug

This week in language arts, students finished reviewing the writing process and explored strategies that successful authors use to make their pieces more descriptive. “Show me…Don’t tell me” writing creates an image in the reader’s mind, instead of telling the reader what to think or believe.

Next week, we will be reading “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto. In groups, students will examine and attempt to imitate his use of strong action verbs, precise nouns, dialogue, 5 senses, and figurative language.

Looking forward to seeing their creativity flourish! I hope to post some student writing soon.






What an exciting week!

14 Aug

Thank you to all of you who signed up for my Remind. I plan on using this as yet another way to communicate.

Week one with your children has been wonderful! We love our seventh graders. In language arts, students wrote their first journal entry and worked on solving a crime scene mystery. Please ask them about this at home; they really loved it.

Next week will start off with us reviewing the writing process.

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Welcome to the start of another GREAT year at EJMS!

06 Aug

For those who don’t know me, my name is Mrs. Wilson, and I will be teaching

7th grade

language arts!

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This year, I plan on communicating regularly with students and parents through an app called Remind. It is a free, safe, easy-to-use communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents. All that you need is a cell phone or access to the internet.

Please ask your child what academic block they travel to me, and then refer to the Remind directions that correspond to your child’s block number (1, 2, 3, 4). If you have any trouble making sense of the directions that are attached below, please let me know. I would love for as many parents as possible to register to receive my notifications.

Block 1: Please click on these directions- invite-1

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Brooke Williams

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

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