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Zaxbys Night next Tuesday!


Students and Parents,

We at WJMS have a wonderful opportunity for a simple fundraiser with the help of our friends at Zaxby’s. Our Zaxby’s, located on Hwy 53 in Braselton, will be hosting WJMS Night next Tuesday, May 14th. All you do is eat there between 4:00p.m. and 8:00p.m. A percentage of the night’s sales will be donated to our school to purchase a much needed sound system for our gym. The more people who participate the more money we will raise for this good cause. Please tell your family, friends and neighbors!

In addition, students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their drawing skills by drawing the Zaxby’s mascot, LZ. Zaxby’s will select two winners from each grade level to win a free meal.

Mark it on your calendars and come out to Zaxby’s next week, 5/14/13!

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18 Days to go!


Today, Monday, marks the last 4 weeks of school, 18 days to be exact. The kids are really excited! Some are having trouble focusing on work. Remember! We still have standards to test for comprehension before we break for summer!

One of them is our last writing project in Lang. Arts. Students will contrast the book Anne Frank wrote to the 1950s movie version by the same name.

Another is our last speaking presentation. Students should take the informational essay home to practice reading it out loud before they read it in front of the class.

Here is this week’s news. This week’s news .


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CRCT Preparation time!


Good afternoon everyone!

It’s that time of year! Time to take the CRCT! The CRCT test will be given in 5 sections on April 17, 18, 23, 24 and 25. Please do not plan to check your child in or out during the first half of CRCT days……. We do not allow anyone to disrupt our other students who are working so hard on doing their best.  Also, if possible, keep your child’s cell phone at home those days. We have to remove all cell phones from the room, so they will be out in the hallway if your child brings it to class.

Please help ensure the success of our students by donating bottled water or snacks to your child’s  homeroom. Having a quick drink or a cracker can go a long way to helping our students focus on reading and answering questions. We have 26 students in my homeroom, 28 in Mr. Wood’s and Mrs. Sorrells’. You may bring them in any morning when your child comes to school.  Thanks in advance!

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This week’s news


Here is this week’s copy of our  newsletter.

All of the social studies classes on our team are reaching out with a community/ world project. By using we are going to make a $25.00 loan to a person or family who is in need. So far we have raised $10! Only $15.00 more to go before we can send the money to someone who will use it to increase their productivity. This project will not only teach our students to contribute to someone who is less fortunate, it will also give them an economics lesson at the same time! Please Encourage your child to bring in money for this social studies project. Any amount will help.          This week’s news

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This week’s news


Here is this week’s newsletter. Only 2 more weeks until we have a Spring Break from school! Have a great week!  This week’s news

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Next year – survey


Good afternoon Parents and guardians,      As you may have read or heard, our school system is considering several ways to reduce our operating expenses next school year. Our county office has created a one question survey about this. Please take a moment to log on and answer this one question. Here is the link to the survey:              


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Almost over…….


with our third 9 weeks! Can you believe how fast this year is disappearing? Students are taking tests all over the building in preparation for the end of the grading period. The last day to submit work for this report card will be Wed., March 13. Students get two days off from school and then will begin a new connection class Mon., March 18.

If your student is missing work in Ms. Boswell’s class, Mrs. Sorrells, or Mr. Wood’s, they have been told. I have made an effort to go back over the whole 9 weeks to mark missing assignments in Infinite Campus. Also, some students have learned how to check their own grades in IC. Ask them to show you how!

Here is this week’s newsletter. Have a great week!     This week’s newsletter


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Happy Progress Report Day


Progress  reports  were  handed out  today in home room. It  does  not  have  to be returned.  This marks the halfway point to the next report card. Oddly enough, students were more excited about this being Valentines Day than progress report day!

Have a safe and happy long weekend!

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Parents! We Need your help!


Parents – This quarter most of the 6th grade will be reading the novel Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank. The classic true story of a 13 year old girl who hid with her family from the cruelty of the Nazi regime. But we don’t have enough copies for 200 students!

Could you please purchase your student a copy? The paperback version is $4-$5 new, and I found it on Amazon in the Kindle version for $5.99.

It is also available used for $2.70, and can sometimes be found at Goodwill for 50 cents – $1. Also, ask your friends! Many people don’t mind lending out the book.We will have some older copies available, of course, if you are not able to purchase a book now. It will not matter what cover each student has, only that they use the original work by Anne Frank.diary-of-anne-frank

We plan to begin reading aloud on Tuesday, Jan. 15th.

Thank you in advance for sending your child to Lang.  Arts with  his or  her  very own classic. It will be a great addition to any ones bookshelf!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah


In Ms. Boswell’s home room most students made a Christmas  tree ornament to take home. This was a 3 day project, after I took their photo!

They are so cute! This is my way of saying thank you to the parents of my home room students. Ornaments go home Friday, Dec. 14th.

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Calendar Change !?!?! When?


     Attention students and parents!                    We just received word that February will NOT have early release days!  Feb 13 and 14 will be regular school days. There is no change for Friday, Feb. 15th, which is still No School. Please write this change in your calendars. Thank you.

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Autumn Fun


We held an impromptu door contest , with a Halloween theme. 

Considering  the  students  didn’t  have  much  time  to  work

on it  they  had  amazing  creativity!  Way to go,

all who worked on our doors! You made it fun!

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Parent Teacher Conferences


Coming Soon!

All parents are encouraged to look in your child’s bookbag for

an appointment with our team, Sorrells, Wood and Boswell. These appts.

have been made for the week of Mon., Nov. 12 – Friday, Nov. 16. Please

return the appt. sheet signed either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, so we can make plans to

give everyone an equal amount of time, 20 minutes. If longer appts. are

necessary separate arrangements will need to be made.

I look forward to seeing each of you again!

Thank you!

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L. A. Class is reading a novel


We began reading The Liberation of Gabriel King this week. The novel will stay in the  classroom  for all classes to read, unless requested to go home with an individual. We will practice our new vocabulary and other writing assignments around this book.

Our next big writing assignment will be Informational/ explanatory for its focus. We will begin in Nov., and wrap it up at the end of that month.

Keep up the good work!

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Study vocabulary online!


On you can study our 6th grade vocabulary words.

The words for my Social Studies class are found when you type cboswell

in the search box, and look for Landforms and Know Your Globe!

SS quiz on Wednesday, 8/29. Flag project due Thursday, 8/30.

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