Flipped Out!

Ok.  So you guys that have subscribed to this website get a chance to one up your classmates!  Here is a link to a video on Khan Academy that demonstrates how radicals and exponents are related.  There are two videos that I want you to watch listed below.  Look in Unit 3 at the top of the web page; the link will take you straight to where you need to go.   All in all, the two videos add up to about 10 minutes.  When you guys come in tomorrow, I will give you a little ticket to fill out with some questions to see what you got from the video.  You’ll be ahead of the game tomorrow 🙂  Less homework for you!


1.  Radical Equivalent to Rational Exponents

2.  Radical exponents with higher roots




Mid-Term Review Key


Here are the answers to your mid-term review!



I wanted to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication on your test today.  I know it is tough material, and I applaud your efforts in trying your best.  For those of you who completed the booklets, I hope you found it helpful.

This week seems very busy, and I know you guys are inundated with other tests and projects.  For that reason, I will be pushing our mid-term date to TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15th.  We will use our class time tomorrow to prepare for our mid-term, but please try to go ahead and start some of the review tonight. 

Mrs. Chandler

Rational Root Theorem Powerpoint

I am uploading the Rational Root Theorem PowerPoint we will be using later on this week if you want to print out a copy for your notes!  Also, remember there are helpful video tutorials in each unit if you are struggling during homework!  Tests are looking good so far….almost done 🙂


See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Chandler

Extra Credit


Remember there are extra credit assignments available for Unit 1.  Don’t wait until the last minute to take advantage!


Cornell Note Taking Template

If you would like to print additional templates for taking notes, there is a link provided on this website.  Again, this template is not a requirement but can be used for students who either need help with organizing information or for those who find the template helpful!  I love using it!  I think it really helps students focus on important facts and main ideas. 


Linear Programming

My students have done a wonderful job with their linear programming group projects; they are learning to work as a team and think independently!



Welcome to my website!!  This year has started off wonderfully, and I have a great group of students.  Check this site frequently for updates on important dates, projects, assignments, and general announcements.  Looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Chandler