Sep 09

What did you do this summer?

test test

Sep 09

Hey everyone test this friday!

test this friday is on the cell! 

Sep 09

This was added from my iPad!

How cool is that?


May 05


Welcome to my technology site.  Click the links above to download training handouts on various technology topics, or to visit one of the Webquests I have made.  Under the technology links to your right, click the ‘JCSS Technology Resources’ link to access over 250 interactive SMART lessons I have made for K8 classrooms, and access the Quicklinks Page to view hundreds of educational K8 sites.  If you need anything at all, please submit a request by clicking the floating ‘Schedule Training’ button at the top of this page.  Thanks!  Chris

Apr 06

Adding Students into SMART Response Software

Mar 28

No P Drive??

Feb 15

Connecting a Wireless Slate to your Dell Laptops

Jan 23

Adding Bullets to Microsoft Word

Network-wide options by YD - Freelance Wordpress Developer

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