Writing Test! Good or Bad!

04 Mar

The writing test is tomorrow. How do you feel about that? What things are you concerned about? I promise you are fine, but I understand your concerns, so this is the place where you can let me know, and then, let it go.

Welcome to Blogging With Mrs. Bryant

28 Aug

In your own words tell me what you think about 5th grade so far. Please use complete sentences and capital letters. I can’t wait to blog with you.

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Decimals

09 Jan

In words, tell me how you would add and subtract two decimal numbers? (You choose the numbers)

Next, tell me how you would multiply  0.2 x 8.32=? Use complete sentences in your


Lastly, tell me how you would divide  25.30 by 0.05? Tell me what to do and what the

answer would be.

Thanksgiving Break

16 Nov

What are you going to do over the Thanksgiving break?

Thursday, October 11

11 Oct

What were the main issues the vice-presidential candidates were talking about?

What party does Paul Ryan represent? What party does Joe Biden represent?

Blog- September 17th

17 Sep

What is an interjection? How do you use an interjection in writing? How do you use punctuation with an interjection?

Blog- September 11

11 Sep

How is the word emancipation related to the civil war?

September 7th- Blog

07 Sep

Compare a cell to the parts of a factory. How is it like a factory? Use complete sentences, capital letters, and correct punctuation.


September 6th Blog

05 Sep

During the Civil War, what states were slave holding states? Which slave holding states were Confederate states? Remember to use complete sentences in your response. Don’t just list the states.

Blog- August 29th

29 Aug

If you are waiting on the bus to arrive, how far away should you stand? Why?

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