Correction on Grandparents Breakfast

On the snack calendar it stated Nov. 17th it should have said Nov. 14th. Note: you are welcome to eat breakfast or lunch with your child or grandchild any day. I did sent home a reminder to sign-up for breakfast prior to the breakfast. I hope that you received this notice. Thank-you for your understanding.

October 2, 2014

We will be going to Washington Farms on a field trip on Friday, October 24th. Cost is $8.00 per student and $8.00 per adult. This covers the admission for the farm. This is a donation.Both adults and children may order from the lunchroom or bring your own lunch. No siblings are allowed. All students will ride the bus to the farm. You may check your child out to ride home with you after seeing me or Mrs. McElroy and signing them out.No glass bottles or fast food will be allowed. Thank-you for all of your help.

Pre-K News September 16, 2014

Dear Parents, The school book fair is this week. Sept15-19, 2014. If you want your child to purchase books, please send money in an envelope marked with their name and the amount on the front. Parents please review the behavior sheets and initial and return daily in their folder. Also, please send in snack on or before your child’s day as the children enjoy the snack and look forward to eating this at the end of the day.



February 7th- Current News

Dear parents,

The make-up days for the days that we were off due to the weather are as follows: Feb. 17th, Mar. 14th, and May 22nd.

The 2nd grade “challenge” class is working on a report to present to their class mates and we will be using Biteslide to form digital presentations after additional training with Mrs. Lancaster. I have sent home an information sheet with each of your students to show the requirements for this report. We have been using the PC lab at school for the past three days to research their topic. Please assist your child on the computer at home to search for the needed information for this fun project.

The 1st grade “challenge” class is finishing their book commerical by typing and video taping their presentations in the Media center. If your child has finished their project, they are beginning research for the Olympic symbols. We are researching these in the classroom presently. We will use this information to write a report to be presented to the class.

Thank-you again for all of your help and support this year!!!

D. Williams

January 23, 2014

Dates to remember:

1/27 Pep Rally in the gym at 1:30

1/27 Teacher kick off in the Media center

1/28 Duck Dynasty Day ( western, farmer, boots,etc.)

1/29 Pajama day

1/30 Hat Day

1/31 Super Hero Day

2/3 Animal Print Day

2/4 Wacky Tacky Day (silly socks)

2/5 WJPS Spirit Day

2/6 FUN RUN Pre K and K 9:15, 1st and 2nd 10:30.


January 17th News

1st grade challenge news:

We are currently reading chapter books for a book commercial to be viewed on the morning announcements. Please have your student read five pages an evening M-Th for homework. We are reading daily in class and your child needs to return their book to school daily so they can read it in class.

2nd grade challenge students:

We are currently visiting 2nd grade classroom to see the matter experiments. We will be  finishing reading “Christmas in Camelot” and making a diorama or poster to share a chapter in this story with the class. I will be sending this book home with your student to read a chapter nightly M-Th. Please have your student return this book to class daily to read and discuss as a group. I am sending home the only copies of this book that I could locate at school. Thank-you in advance for reminding your child to return their book to school daily!

Dates to Remember:

January 24th-100 day of school

Bus Safety February 20th at school I  the Media center for students

February 20th Science Night time to be announced

Make-up day for students and teachers is: Mar 14th.


Dear parents:

Challenge Activities for the Month of January:

2nd grade:

We will be working on geography skills and making maps from playdough of our countries. This will be an concluding activity to accompany our reports for the 2nd grade challenge class.

1st grade:

Our first grade class will be doing a “book report commercial”.This activity will be video taped and viewed on the morning news.

Dates to Remember for January:

Jan 14th-Pre-K Celebration

Jan 15-2nd grade celebration

Jan 17th-1st grade celebration

Jan 27th pep rally for “The Camp Five” Boosterthon Fun Run at 1:30

Thank-you for your help and support this year with your child’s projects.


D. Williams