Human Anatomy & Essentials of Healthcare SCHEDULE

4/18 Th ·         Starter: Section A

·         Notes: functions

·         Summary: Section B

4/19 F ·         Starter:

·         Notes: kidney anatomy & nephron

·         Summary: Section C

4/22 M ·         Starter: The nephron

·         Notes: formation of urine

·         Summary: Section D

4/23 Tu ·         Starter: Section D

·         Notes: Urine and homeostasis

·         Summary: Section E and F

4/24 W ·         URINARY TEST

Honors Biology SCHEDULE

Week of 4/22 – Unit 1: Cells

Week of 4/29 – Unit 2: Genetics


This website was created especially for my EJCHS students and should provide resources to help you be successful in class. The pages contain notes and websites to assist student understanding of the biological concepts. A schedule will be posted each week with daily topics, assignments, labs, projects and test.