Junior Year

Hello upcoming Juniors and Seniors!

Please see the testing dates below for the coming Summer and Fall. If you receive free or reduced lunch, you are eligible for  two waivers, for each test, over the course of your high school career.

A few reminders: 

  • SAT and ACT are used for admissions criteria at 4 year schools, including the schools that provide Move On When Ready classes for EJCHS. 
  • UGA’s Early Admissions deadline is October 15th,  start now preparing for the test that you plan to submit, if this applies to your situation. 
  • SAT and ACT scores are used to decide the difference between HOPE and ZELL HOPE along with the GPA ( 3.0 for regular HOPE, 3.7 for ZELL). A 26 ACT is needed in a single sitting or a 1200 SAT in a single sitting.
  • We have SAT and ACT preparation guides available for check-out in the front office to help you prepare, along with there being access to the Khan Academy website that has practice tests and videos to explain concepts. 

To register for the SAT go here.

To register for ACT go here

If you want to attend a technical school, you will want to take  Accuplacer, which can be scheduled with the school you would like to attend. We are more than happy to assist you with setting this up!

Test Date Test Type Registration Deadline/ Late Deadline Scores can be viewed online Scores sent by mail will be available
3-Jun SAT & SAT Subject May 9  22-Jun 1-Jul
(5/24 with late fee)
10-Jun ACT 5-May 26-Jun 1-Jul
(5/19 with late fee)
Aug. 26* SAT & SAT Subject 26-Jul Sep. 14 Sep. 23
(8/16 with late fee)
Sep. 9, 2017 ACT Aug. 4  Sep. 25 Sep. 30
(8/18 with late fee)
Oct. 7* SAT & SAT Subject Sep. 7 Oct. 26 Nov. 4
(9/27 with late fee)
Oct. 28 ACT Sep. 15 Nov. 6 Nov. 11
(9/29 with late fee)
Nov. 4* SAT & SAT Subject Oct. 6  Nov. 21 Dec. 2
(10/24 with late fee)
Dec. 2* SAT & SAT Subject Oct. 26 Dec. 14 Dec. 23
(11/13 with late fee)
Dec. 9 ACT Nov. 3 Dec. 25 Dec. 30
(11/17 with late fee)