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Tech Tool Integration:

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Analyzing and Creating at EJCHS is a collaborative environment.  We are busy learning all sorts of tech tools to incorporate in our projects! From Flipgrid to the many Google tools, we work to make sure our students are creative thinkers, problem-solvers and tech savvy!


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The EJCHS Media Center is a large, inviting area that can accommodate at least two classes simultaneously. There are ample computers to accommodate one class, as well as, sufficient tables, chairs and laptops for another. There is a leisure reading area, small conference rooms, and a production area.

The EJCHS Media Center provides patrons access to information, reading and research assistance, and instruction that supports the curricula and educational goals of the school. Mrs. Canup wants to help guide, motivate and inspire students to become productive and educated citizens who are effective users of technology and lifelong learners. Instruction will be designed to teach literacy and digital information skills that meet all instructional areas. The collection will be chosen with care to reflect the needs of all students and staff. It will be chosen in a variety of formats to meet a wide range of learner abilities and developmental levels.

Make sure you ask Mrs. canup about joining her Google Classroom to see some of our latest project tech tools!

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