06 Sep

For this week’s post I would like you all to look up the word “respect.”

Write 3-5 sentences about measures you are going to take to make sure you respect yourselves, others, and your parents, teachers, coaches, etc.

This is due next Friday, September 14, 2012

Running of the Bulls

16 Aug

YouTube Preview ImageRunning of the Bulls

Watch this video about the Running of the bulls and read the little paragraph written beneath it about the event.

How would you feel running through the streets with bulls chasing after you? Would you want to attend this event? What are some of the things you find interesting about this event and what are some aspects that you dislike?

Please comment and write ~ 2-3 sentences about your opinion of the Running of the Bulls in Spain.



26 Jul


This page is dedicated to Ms. Von Lanken’s Spanish classes.  

On this site you will be able to have access to links for studying and reviewing notes & videos from class.

We will also be using this site for assignments outside of class, which will include commenting on various blog posts.

I’m excited for this year!

See you all on August 6th!

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