21st Century Instructional Support

SignUp for Collaboration on Making Your Next Lesson or Project 21st Century!

Let's Collaborate! How can we make YOUR next big project or lesson 21st Century? The options are endless and I'd love to help out!

Tech Tool of the Month! WallWisher

"Perhaps the easiest tool for students to use. Pose questions, get their answers, and give them feedback. All on the same page!"

Help us Turn Trash 2 Cash!

EJMS & KBMS Proudly partner with Funding Factory to recycle ink, toner, and old electronics to earn cash and rewards!

What's Up in Technology?

Technology Handouts/Tutorials!

Check out the drop-down menu at the top of the page for resources on topics of technology in JCSS!

Digital StoryTelling

"Teach me in NEW ways. CONNECT with me. Meet me where I am. Try something new. Take a risk. Be THAT teacher."

Blogging w/ Students!

Interact with your students online! Setup a blog page to discuss classroom topics, book reviews, and more!

Are you losing it?

There is nothing more frustrating than a student who can't figure out where they saved their work! Check out this page to make sure you have the skills to assist students in properly saving their work!

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