What to do when you are ABSENT from my class???

If you are absent from a physical education course at EJCHS, you must make up your absence to receive full credit.  You have 2 options:

1) Come in during ELT on Wednesday and run 20 minutes for each absence.  Absent once= 20 min run.  Absent 2x’s=40 min run.

2) Turn in an article review in essay form in response to an article on my webpage.  The link titled “Makeup Work” has multiple articles to choose from.  You must write at least 3 (well formed, 4-5 sentences) paragraphs in response to the material you chose to read.

Literacy Fridays

That’s right, we will be incorporating literacy skills in physical education every Friday.  This will consists of various lessons that enhance student’s ability to connect thought with written expression and relate it to their physical education class.  Be prepared and bring paper and pencil to class on Fridays!

Need some Motivation?!?!…AMAZING!

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Keep Your WINNING Spirit Alive

Winning isn’t always about being first or best.  Define what victory means on a personal level, nurture your winning spirit, then go out and conquer your dreams.


Welcome to my Physical Education site.  Teaching Health & PE is a passion for me and I strive to make exercise and nutrition an important emphasis in every student’s life!

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