Kristin Howell's Science Class

7th grade – WJMS

Studying for Cells Test

You need to study your STUDY GUIDE!!!

You can also study these quizlets, but they do not include absolutely everything on the quiz.  Please make sure you study photosynthesis and respiration – the back page of your study guide.

Cell parts:


Cellular Transport:

Photosynthesis & Respiration



Cell Processes Introduction

Do the Exchange with the Environment reading and answer the questions in the margin as you read.  Answer the questions at the end after you read.


Practice our upcoming vocabulary words with this quizlet:


Watch this video about cellular transport:


Watch these slides about plant cells and do the test afterwards:

Watch these slides about animal cells and do the test afterwards:

STUDY FOR YOUR QUIZ! on digestive, urinary, and endocrine systems.

If you study for your quiz, it will make a big difference in your grade!    The quiz is this Thursday, 2/9/17.

Study your homework from this week. 

Study the connections between the systems in your class notes.

Study the parts and functions of each system in your class notes.

A typed copy of your notes is available in Google Classroom.

There are two quizlets to help you study. 

The first is called Digestive Urinary Endocrine Quiz Review WJMS.  It is here:

The second is for parts and functions of all systems.  It is called Body Systems Vocab WJMS.  It is here:

I hope this helps.  As always, please email me if you need anything at all!




Study help for Midterm Exam

You can study any of the following study sets on  Follow the links below or search for the name of the study set.

Ecology Midterm Exam Review WJMS


Ecology Relationships Vocab WJMS


Characteristics of 6 Kingdoms WJMS


Food Web vocab WJMS


Classification Midterm Exam Review WJMS


Classification vocab WJMS


Ecology Relationships vocab WJMS


Land Biomes Jeopardy


Check out our Circulatory and Respiratory systems videos!

Some students used our audio visual lab to record videos of their information about the circulatory and respiratory systems!

Group one – newscast


Group 2 – College Gameday!


Science this week 11/16-20/2015

This week we will continue our study of human body systems.

Monday – brains, Phineas Gage article

Tuesday – Skin, Bones, Muscles


Thursday – reflection on dissection, parts, functions

Friday – Quiz – 3 systems – Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular

Science this week

We have finished our World Biomes unit, and test grades have been posted.
Next week we will begin our Human Body Systems unit.
We will start with body organization, then move on to the Nervous, Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular systems.
Students are responsible for knowing the parts and functions of each system.
Expect two very short quizzes next week – organization of the body, and the nervous system.
This is a unit with lots of experiments and information – it should be fun!

Science this week 11/2-6/2015

We will be finishing our unit on World Biomes.
Monday will be our last in-class day to work on our books, but they are not due until Friday, 11/6.
Tuesday students will receive the unit study guide..
Students who did not do well on the biomes quiz (less than 80) need to retake the quiz.
We will be analyzing climographs, reading articles, and doing review work on Wednesday and Thursday.
Our World Biomes Unit Test will be on Friday, 11/6.

As always, please email or call with any questions!

Welcome to Life Science!

This page has resources for you to use throughout the school year.  I hope it is helpful to you.  We will have a great year!

We are currently studying the characteristics of the six living kingdoms.  Students turned in a homework assignment on Thursday which involved a small amount of research.

Students need to study the chart with the characteristics of the 6 kingdoms for our test which will be on September 10th!


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