Week of November 16

Students in the regular math class will be taking the unit test over rational numbers on Wednesday.  This test will cover integers, rational numbers, absolute value, plotting points on the coordinate plane, finding the distance between to points, and reflections of points.  Students will be given a study guide on Monday in class.  Students in Mrs. Becker’s  regular math classes will not have formal homework this week due to the unit test.

In the advanced math class, we have started our new unit on expressions.  This week we will be evaluating expression with exponents, learning multiple mathematical properties, learning the parts of an expression and determining if two expressions are equivalent.  Students in Mrs. Becker’s advanced math class will have formal homework this week which can be found here.  Although it is labeled November 9, this is the correct homework for the week! 🙂

We will finish our week off with a WIN (what I need) schedule on Friday.  Students who need additional support in the content classes will be given opportunities to work with teachers on standards they have not met thus far.

Week of November 9

Students in the advanced math class will wrap up the unit on exploring the coordinate plane on Monday with reflections and will take the unit test on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will then move on to working with expressions…our first venture into algebra!  Students in Mrs. Becker’s advanced math class will not have formal homework this week due to the unit test.

In the regular math class, students will begin working with the coordinate plane, learning the quadrants, and how to plot points.  We will be plotting points, and then move into reflections and finding the distance between two points.  Students will have a unit test over integers, rational numbers, ordering rational numbers, absolute value, the coordinate plane, reflections, and distance between two points on Wednesday and Thursday, November 18 & 19.  Homework for this week can be found by clicking here.

Conference Week Coming Soon!!

Please begin to look ahead to the week of November 16.  This will be our conference week to meet with parents and students to celebrate successes and plan for the remainder of the year for more successes!  Our late conference night will be Tuesday, November 17.

Forms for conference sign up will be coming home soon!

Week of November 2

Fall is here and it seems as though the first half of the school year will be over before we know it!  As we move into November, please mark your calendars for the week of November 9.  Next week we will begin parent conferences.  Please watch for information to come home this week about conferences.

In class this week, the content for both math classes will once again overlap as we look at the coordinate plane and graphing ordered pair.  We will be doing some fun activities to practice these skills like playing Battleship!

Students in the advanced math class will wrap up their Number System Fluency test on Monday.  Homework can be viewed here.

Students in the regular math classes will have a writing assignment that will be counted as a test grade on Friday.  Students will practice the concepts covered on the writing assignment in class during small group work on Wednesday.  Homework for these classes can be found by clicking here.

Red Ribbon Week October 26 – 30

Monday- “Put a lid on drugs” (wear caps.)

Tuesday- “Give Drugs the Boot” – (wear boots)

Wednesday- Make drugs disappear” (wear camouflage)

Thursday-“ Make LIFE your GOAL, NOT DRUGS” SEC DAY. (Wear your favorite SEC jersey)

Friday- Too Bright for Drugs!!! In support of the Ga/Fla game, wear GA or FLA colors. D

Week of October 19

The regular math class will be wrapping up our review of Number System Fluency.  We will be testing on Thursday and Friday over greatest common factor, least common multiple, the Distributive Property, and dividing fractions.    Homework for these classes will be to study class notes to make sure each student is fully prepared for testing.

In the advanced math class, students will be reviewing GCF/LCM and the Distributive Property and then begin our work with fractions.  Students will review the rules of multiplying and dividing signed numbers and apply this to fractions.  We will begin with multiplying positive and negative fractions and then move on to dividing.  When dividing fractions, students must be able to model the division of fractions so we will be solving with models and then solving mathematically.  Students in the advanced math class will have nightly math homework this week.

Week of October 12

In the regular math class, students will be continuing to work with dividing fractions.  In Mrs. Becker’s classes, students will be learning how to write about math using the RACE writing strategy.

In the advanced math class, students will be learning how to identify the greatest common factor and least common multiple in a group of numbers.  Students will also be working with story problems.

Students in both classes will have nightly homework.

6th Grade math homework

Advanced math homework

Week of October 5

Advanced Math

This week we are reviewing for a test over operations with rational numbers.  The test will be given on Wednesday and students will have time on Thursday if needed.  Students will have homework this week along with reviewing for the unit test.

6th grade math

This week we will be wrapping up with learning how to find the greatest common factor and least common multiple of a set of numbers and continuing our study of how to use the distributive property in the real world.  At the end of the week, we will be learning how to divide fractions and how to model the division of fractions.  Students will have homework this week each night.  Students should also be studying class notes each night as well.

Contact Information

If you have a question or concern about what your child is doing in class or class expectations, please feel free to contact your child’s math teacher by phone at (706) 335-2083 or via email.  You can also send a note through the agenda.

Mrs. Morgan Archer – marcher@jackson.k12.ga.us

Mrs. Laura Becker – lbecker@jackson.k12.ga.us

Dr. Danny McFay – dmcfay@jackson.k12.ga.us

Mrs. Kristie Overstreet – koverstreet@jackson.k12.ga.us


General Learner Outcomes (GLOs)

General Learner Outcomes, or GLOs, are skills that all students should possess that help them to become well-rounded people.  GLOs are graded by the content team teachers each quarter on a scale of 1 to 4.  A score of 1 means the student rarely meets the criteria listed below, where a 2 shows demonstration of the criteria occasionally.  A score of 3 reflects frequent meeting of the criteria, and a 4 represents consistent demonstration of the criteria.

Below you will see descriptors for each GLO.  These will be reviewed by house teachers.

GLO 1: Self-Directed Learner

Demonstrates motivation and responsibility for learning by…

  • Taking responsibility for own learning
  • Setting goals for personal learning
  • Understanding progress toward goals
  • Timely completing assignments
  • Working well independently
  • Is on time and prepared

GLO 2:  Team Player

Works well with others by…

  • Respecting other’s ideas, feelings, and property and responding appropriately
  • Participating willingly and effectively
  • Following class/school rules
  • Making responsible decisions

GLO 3:  Quality Producer

Recognizes and produces quality products and performances by…

  • Recognizes quality products
  • Responds to feedback positively and uses feedback for improvements
  • Takes pride in work
  • Displays neatness and organization in products
  • Values the process of producing quality products