Calling ALL Fabulous Fall Friends!!!!

It’s that time of year again… Autumn leaves, pumpkins, AND the FANTASTIC-LY FAMOUS SJES Family Fall Festival!!! (Whoopee!!! Look at all that alliteration!)

Friday, October 26th our school grounds and gym transform into a frightfully fun event for the whole family! This is a DON’T miss-it time to celebrate the season, our wonderful faculty and students and have F-U-N!!!

LOVE to have at least 5 parent/adult volunteers to join us (promise to give your the most FABULOUS jobs) to make sure this is the best Festival EVER! Be FIRST to contact ME, anyone on the SJES PTO or the school office soon so your smiling face can be added to our volunteer list for the Festival!

Frankly, I think your ALL fetchingly, far-out, FABULOUS!!!! (How about those adjectives mixed with alliteration!)


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WOO-HOO, Opinion YOU!!!

What makes a GREAT question?

Questions have many purposes and characteristics!

1. Fact Questions      2. Research Questions       3. OPINION Questions

What are the BURNING questions on your mind????

Play the OPINION QUESTION GAME this weekend- 5 GREAT ones turned in on Monday morning qualify YOU for an AWESOME reward!!!!  Are you the QUESTIONATOR of interrogative language? I’m looking for a randomly selected comment to this post to REWARD for trying a question out, AND another person for a response to someone’s posted question! 


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Greek Week!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the first day of our journey to ancient Greece today!! We have so MUCH to explore as we travel back in time to the far away isles of Greece together! Be sure you explore all the choices on our Greek Game Board and talk with family about what you know, what interests you, and choices that ‘best fit’ your strengths and learning goals! I LOVE this activity and hope you are as excited as I am to dig into the ancient ruins, rub elbows with a few Greek gods, visit the coolest architecture in Greece, and applaud Olympic heroes both ancient and modern! Please take the next few days to soak up all the possibilities for your creativity then turn in your ‘good-fit’ 3-in-a-r0w choices on Friday. Well, I’m off to take in some awesome Greek food and enjoy the sights- see you in the morning!

Was it bus Tuesday and car on Friday???

Afternoon dismissal time can be very confusing and rushed! There are often several students that go home in the afternoon in a variety of ways. Sometimes, this changes daily! Please help me to be sure your child goes home correctly and safely EVERYDAY by sending a note in their agenda or nightly folder with clear instructions for the day. I welcome either transportaion plans for the week or day whichever is more convenient for you. One of the biggest goals for our class this year is demonstrating growth in independence but 3rd graders may not always remember correctly the details of your family’s weekly plans! I fear the 3:15 phone call from a bus driver trying to drop off a child where no one is home or a student missing a bus because they ‘thought’ it was car pick-up day! Late afternoon changes should be made by calling the school office ONLY in extreme emergencies! Our last period of the day is CRUCIAL for every student as we are rotating in our Daily 5 reading and writing choices, and very focused on improving individual strategies and goals. This is a difficult time for me to make transportation changes or answer phone calls. If at all possible, please call prior to 12:30 with changes if you were not able to send a note to school with your child. I assume that transportation options remain the same as the prior school day unless I have a note otherwise in a child’s morning folder. Thank you all for helping me to return your child home safe (and CORRECTLY) everyday!

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A work in progress…

Well into the 3rd week of 3rd grade and our Studio Cast is really starting to perform!!! I’m excited with the skills our STARS are demonstrating while we get to know each other and stretch to learn the importance of being accountable and responsible for actions, attitudes and learning goals! I strongly encourage students to talk with their parents/guardian each week using our newsletter (The Inside Scoop) as a guide. Subject skills and EQ (essential questions) are listed weekly to remind students of their goals and direct thinking about personal strengths, abilities, needs, and goals. This week we are reading and sharing on the topic of friends and pets. As part of this Common Core unit, we are reading  “Because of Winn-Dixie” by Kate DiCamillo and exploring decalogue’s and opinion pieces in writing. I hope you will continue to check back often as our site continues to grow and add resources, pictures, and links!

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