Sep 30

Science: Tuesday, Sept. 30

Today in class, students were able to finish their Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board for the following categories:  Vocabulary, Six Kingdoms, & Dichotomous Key. They were also given a Dichotomous Key to complete for homework. The homework assignment is due tomorrow for a grade.

Also as a friendly reminder, animal classification projects are due Friday, October 3. Students got to choose their animal to research as well as the final product (poster, mobile, scrapbook, etc.). Please refer to the Classification Project handout that students were given for research, rubric information, etc. We have spent several days in the computer lab working on this project; however, some students need additional time to complete this task. Any student who would like to stay after school for additional help with this project may do so on Tues., Sept. 30, Wed., Oct. 1, and/or Thurs. Oct. 2. Students staying after school on those days need to be picked up at 4:30 p.m. at the front of the school. Having a flash drive for this project would be helpful; however, this is optional.

Sep 11

Upcoming Events

Sept. 11 (Tues.)- Spaghetti Dinner 5-6 p.m. and Curriculum Night 6:30-8 p.m.

Sept. 13 (Thurs.)- Home Softball Game vs. WJMS, Latinos Interested in Family and Education (L.I.F.E) Meeting at EJCHS at 6:30 p.m.

Sept. 14 (Fri.)- Hat/IPOD Day $2, Home Softball Game vs. Jefferson

Sept. 16-20 (Mon.-Thurs.)- Spirit Week: Mon.-Pajama Day, Tues.-80’s Day, Wed.-Twin Day, Thurs.-Pep Rally/Blue Out

Sept. 18 (Tues.)- Parent Night 6:30-7 p.m. (Topics include: Parent Portal, Teacher Websites, etc.)

Sept. 20 (Thurs.)- Away Football Game vs. Jefferson

Aug 28

Science: Monday, Aug. 27


Please expect to see in your child’s “Go Folder” two formative quizzes on the Scientific Method. I need for a parent to sign both quizzes and have their child to return them to school tomorrow. In addition, students are to complete the “Scientific Method Lab Using Paper Airplanes” worksheet for homework. Given the airplane lab we performed together as a class, students need to identify the independent variable, dependent variable, and control. Students also need to write the procedure we followed for the experiment and list the materials we used. Students will then analyze the data recorded in the table (What does the data tell us?). Lastly, students will need to state their conclusion (Summarize the results of the experiment. Was their hypothesis right or wrong? What might they do differently? etc.).

Aug 27

Science Fair

Science Fair got underway last week for seventh graders. Students spent two days last week in the computer lab exploring science fair topics. This week students are scheduled to go to the computer lab on Monday, Aug. 27 and Wednesday, Aug. 29 to work on researching information about their science fair topic. Students should have a composition notebook by the beginning of next week that will be used as the science fair log book. More information about science fair will be forthcoming.

Aug 21


Welcome to my site. I hope that students and parents will find the information posted here useful. I encourage you to continue to utilize my site throughout the school year as I will be posting relevant information about seventh grade science as well as information related to seventh grade and East Jackson Middle School.

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