CRCT Review Week

 - by Morgan Archer

This week we will be reviewing every standard from the 6th grade curriculum. Your child will be working on review materials in class as well as at home. Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday night. Most of their homework is multiple choice questions. If they are not coming up with the correct answer please have them ask questions during class. They are missing a step somewhere. Thank you for your support.

Week of 3/24

 - by Morgan Archer

One more week until a well deserved Spring Break for the students! We can do this!!

This week in math class we will be finish our Geometry Unit and beginning our Statistics Unit that will be completed upon coming back from Spring Break.

Monday: Finding the Volume of a Rectangular Prism with Fractional Side Lengths

Tuesday: Review of Volume and Surface Area

Wednesday: Geometry Test

Thursday & Friday: Mean, Median, Mode and Range Activities

When we return from Spring Break, students will complete the rest of the Statistics unit and then we will begin our review for the CRCT. CRCT will begin on April 22nd. The order for CRCT is Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Week of March 10

 - by Morgan Archer

This week we will be finish up our Proportions Unit and starting our study of Geometry!!

Here is what this week will look like for your child:

Monday: Review from last week, proportions activity and FINISH study guide for homework

Tuesday: Smartboard Skeeball Review over proportions

Wednesday: Proportions Test

Thursday: Area and Perimeter Scavenger Hunt Activity

Friday: PI DAY!!! We will do a short activity over the area of a circle and celebrate Pi Day. We do not cover the area of circle in the 6th grade but this is a formula that they should be able to solve due to our study of equations. We will finish the week with an area vs. perimeter quiz. This will be a very short assessment. Student learned this material in years past, so they should already be familiar with it.


Monday: Study Guide

Tuesday: Study for test and finish mixed review

Wednesday and Thursday: Mixed Review

USA Test Prep and This Week

 - by Morgan Archer

If your child is failing or passing with a low C, I have input assignments into USA Test Prep for them to make up failed standards. Your child has the login information in their agenda.

This week:

Monday: Feeding Chimps-Proportional Reasoning

Tuesday: Mixing Juice-Proportional Reasoning

Wednesday-Customary Measurement Conversions, Proportions Whiteboard practice

Thursday: Proportions Task Cards and Shadow Activity

Friday: ELT and Ratio and Unit Rate Task

We will have a multiple choice Proportions Assessment on Tuesday. Students will work on their study guide on Monday as well as play a review game. This will be a very short assessment as we have already assessed the first two parts of the unit.

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