Week of November 4

 - by Morgan Archer

This week, we will spend several days practicing operations with rational numbers. On Wednesday, we will begin our unit on Expressions. Students will learn and work with the number properties, whole number exponents, and the order of operations. Students will then precede with reading, writing and evaluating expressions.

Wrapping Up Rational Explorations and Operations

 - by Morgan Archer

This week, we are wrapping up our second unit. Students will have a test on Friday. The study guide will be handed out on Wednesday and we will do a class review on Thursday. I will be available, before or after school, every day this week if your child needs some assistance.

Integers Unit

 - by Morgan Archer

My Advanced Content class is working on their first 7th grade unit. We studied integers during our 6th grade unit and now we are using mathematical operations with integers. Your students have been adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. This is the hardest of the operations. Each student has notes on how to complete these operations. We will be multiplying and dividing integers tomorrow.

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