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Ms. Huffman, my assistant teacher for sixth-grade, and I are working hard to encourage our students to read at least twenty pages per week (ten pages during each silent reading rotation.) Students choose books from their lexile that interest them. Please ask your child which book he or she is reading right now. I am working hard to get students to stick with one book until completion. Reading logs are collected and graded every other Friday.

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Weather Makeup Day

Our weather makeup day will be Friday, March 14th, a day that was previously scheduled to be a teacher and student vacation day. Don’t forget to mark this date in your calendars.

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Science Fair Success:-)

I was so excited to see so many students and parents fill the Jefferson Civic Center on Science Fair night. Congratulate your children on working so hard to complete a challenging task!

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New Graphic Novels

As a holiday gift for my class, I purchased some new graphic novels. The new titles available are Hansel and Gretal, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Sense and Sensibility, and a couple others as well. Please ask your students if they have had a chance to enjoy these new additions to our classroom collection.

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Curriculum Night

You are invited to our classroom during our October 28th Curriculum Night. Please bring younger siblings, who, in honor of Fall festivities, will be given the opportunity to create their own ink-blot monsters using colorful paints and to experience how my students improve their writing using a teacher-modified version of the program, Step Up to Writing.

Siblings will enjoy creating descriptive writing about their monsters and then creating a “Wanted poster,” for their missing monster, using our rainbow writing process.

We will also have a crackling fire to enjoy on our Smartboard and scheduled student-read scary stories in a corner of the room.

Can’t wait to see you and your family there!

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Welcome to October


Popular Read 180 Scary Books:

1. Wait Until Dark: This is a book of short stories I actually read aloud to my classes last year. Students were on the edge of their seats as we read about demons in jigsaw puzzles, mummies that come to life in the night, giant rats, and man-eating gekkos.

2. Classic Tales of Terror: Short scary stories by famous writers from history, such as H.G. Wells and Robert Louis Stevenson.

3. Vanished: True Stories of the Missing

4. Creatures Infest Local Schools: a short fiction book about monsters invading a private school up-north

5. Danger if My Business: The World’s Deadliest Jobs: Read about dangerous jobs from history, such as being the king’s official food tester.

6. Among the Hidden: Enjoy this suspense story about a child from a futuristic fictional world, whose very birth was “illegal.”

7. The Killer Hairdo and Other Legends: Enjoy fictional urban legends about a girl whose hair becomes infested by a hive of bees and a promdress which embalms its victim

8. UFO’s: Fact or Fiction?

9. Visitors: Strange Invaders: A fictional story about alien invasions.


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Welcome to my site. I hope that you will find the resources here useful.

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