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this crap is due tomorrow!

Student Logins: How to Save to their Network Account

Please click below for handouts on student saving to macs. The first is how to save. The second is how to access these documents once you have saved them.

Student Saving – MAC
Student Saving Accessing Documents on a MAC

PC Handouts soon to come!


WJMS: Monday 2/13/2012

EJMS: Thursday 2/16/2012

Creating Tests

Utilize GA OAS for CRCT prep.  This session will cover creating and administering tests through GA OAS.

SMART Response : Importing Questions on a PC

If you are a PC user you have the advantage of being able to import your quetsions from a Microsoft Word document for use with SMART Response. Below is the link to the handout for this procedure. It is very simply and does not take much time. If you are considering giving a SMART Response test with more than 20 questions, this may be a good option for you. I do not believe it is worth the time, though, if you are doing a short quiz. In that case, you would be better of to create the questions one at a time. Once you import, you can customize your notebook pages any way you like.

SMART – Import Questions on PC

SMART Response

EJMS: 12/1/2011

WJMS: 1/30/2012


Smart Response Student/Class Import Template (For Teacher Tools Setup)


SMART Response Training Videos

Setting Up Your Classes

Creating Assessments

Delivering Assessments

Evaluating Results

SMART Response Handouts

Setting Up Your Classes

Creating Assessments

Delivering Assessments

Evaluating Results

WordPress: Blogging With Students (EJMS)





Utilize your teacher website as a blogging tool! Learn how to open up your posts for student discussion. This easy-to-use feature is a great way to involve students in a group discussion utilizing a resource that you are currently using on a day-to-day basis.

WordPress Blogging Handout


Take a moment to discuss with your students the importance of online safety. Be sure to cover your expectations and guidelines for the contents of their comments. Students who post inappropriate comments through our WordPress site will lose their right to post.  I suggest using a contract like the one below with your students.

Blogging Contract


Try it out here! – Feel free to leave a comment on this post. You will need to login using your novell username and p/w!


SMART Ideas – System-Wide Professional Development



1/2/2012 8AM-12:15PM


Training Handouts

SMART Ideas – Basic Functionality

SMART Ideas – Menus & Toolbars

SMART Ideas – Complete User Guide (VERY Beneficial for basic and advanced functions)


SMART Ideas Training Files – Templates, Examples, and Training File (unzip file to extract)


Online Resources
SMART Ideas on SMART Exchange Site – Pre-Made Files


Study Island : Back to the Basics

WJMS: 11.14.2011

EJMS: 11.17.2011

Getting Back to the Basics with Study Island!

This session is designed for those who are not actively using Study Island as a curriculum supplement OR for those who have never used Study Island. Study Island is based around core-content areas. We will cover the following in this session:

  • Class Manager – Setting Up Classes
  • Assessments: Library, Practice, Instruction, Session Types, Assignment Types, Materials
  • Reports
Study Island – Basics
Study Island 2010- Creating Rosters 

netTrekker Training: This Week!

EJMS: Thursday, 10.13

WJMS: Friday, 10.14

netTrekker Search brings digital resources into the classroom in a safe, relevant and engaging way,
making it faster and easier to provide a more personalized and productive learning experience for every student.

Topics to be Covered:

-Searching: by context, standard, grade level, current events, keywords, famous person.

-Searching: in chronological order: timeline of events, famous people, arts and innovations across a time period or era.

-Searching: image search – search safe, school-friendly, copyrighted images

-Searching: Advanced search & Refining Searches by readability, read aloud, dictionary access, etc.

-References: access to grade level reference tools – encyclopedias, almanacs, etc.

-Teacher Tools: Support Materials: classroom management, professional development, special education resources.


Check out the handouts below!

netTrekker Quick Start Guide

netTrekker Quick Reference Guide

nettrekker Help Index

netTrekker Teacher Registration

netTrekker_Changing Your Role to Teacher (Must do this to access the “Teacher Tools”)


A username is NOT required to use netTrekker within our schools. If a student wants to access this from home to use for research they can login with this genereic login:

User: jcsstudent

PW: jackson

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