It’s Almost Been a Whole Month!

Posted by Martha Hill on Friday Aug 24, 2018 Under School Related

It has almost been a whole month that we have been at school and we have accomplished so much!  We are learning all about 3rd grade and striving to become independent learners.  Below are some suggestions to help you with information and strategies for your student’s success in 3rd grade:

Please encourage your students to read at home nightly and to record their progress in their reading logs.   

Make sure that your student is researching and writing their weekly letters for turn in on Thursdays. 

Check your students agendas for important events during the week and announcements for special classwork or assessments. 

Make sure to look through information in their Take Home Folders for signature requests and for graded work.  We realize that 3rd grade is a huge transition year, and we are working diligently to make your student as successful as we possibly can.  Your help at home is so very appreciated!

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September Lunch Menus

Posted by Martha Hill on Friday Sep 1, 2017 Under School Related

September Lunch Menus are Here!  Refer to this post to plan for your child’s favorite lunch! 

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Grandparent’s Breakfast!

Posted by Martha Hill on Thursday Aug 31, 2017 Under School Related

Come join us for our annual Grandparent’s Breakfast on Tuesday, September 12, 2017!  3rd grade will honor their loved ones at that time, and we look forward to seeing you!  Please complete the forms that have been sent home, so we can plan an accurate count. 

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The Great American Eclipse

Posted by Martha Hill on Sunday Aug 20, 2017 Under School Related

Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for!!  But, with concerns for safety in our school district, we have decided to offer our students the following choices to view this phenomenon:

  1.  Come to school, observe the eclipse in our lunchroom with the live stream from NASA.  Students will be dismissed on the bus at 3:15.
  2.  Come to school, then have a parent or guardian check the student out before 11:30 to observe the eclipse away from school.
  3.  Stay home on Monday and observe the eclipse with your parent or guardian with an excused absence.

Our path guarantees an eclipse in totality, and will not occur again for at least 7 years.  This will be a great opportunity for our students to view a once in a lifetime event, but please do so in a safe manner, and following guidelines for visual safety (approved glasses). 

Happy viewing! Here are some links that you can observe to help you with watching the eclipse:


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Eagle Aides Welcome Breakfast-EJES

Posted by Martha Hill on Sunday Aug 20, 2017 Under School Related

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 

Eagle Aides Welcome Breakfast  7:45 – 8:45 a.m.

Please consider coming to the Eagle Aides breakfast to kick off our 2017- 2018 school year!  It is a wonderful opportunity to help our school in our fundraising, mentoring, and student and staff support.  We can’t wait to see you there!


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Please pray for our Classmate, Haley Coile.

Posted by Martha Hill on Sunday Aug 20, 2017 Under School Related

It is with a sad heart that I have to inform you of a sad occurrence in our class.  Hailey Coile of Nicholson lost her mother, Mrs. Heather Coile Propes, on Friday morning, August 18, 2017.  At this time no memorial has been scheduled, but I will keep you updated through our website when a date has been set.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family during this difficult time.  We love you, Haley!

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Remind 101 for Mrs. Hill’s class!

Posted by Martha Hill on Wednesday Aug 24, 2016 Under School Related


Parents!  Join my Remind for Mrs. Hill’s class.  What a great way to keep the lines of communication open for important dates and events!  Follow the directions below on the flyer, and I hope to find you on my list!



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Math Help for 3rd grade!

Posted by Martha Hill on Wednesday Aug 24, 2016 Under School Related


Math has changed so much since I have been in school, yet, I find it to be more interesting and fun than what I remembered!  Do not be afraid of the “new” math, as it increases your student’s math understanding of number sense and this will eventually help them with more difficult concepts in the future.

I have many links that will assist your student in understanding 3rd grade Math.  This will also help parents with the concepts and ideas that students practice during class, so to better help them with homework and preparation for testing.

Eureka Math: Module 1 Lessons and Videos:  Module 1 Eureka Math

Math Games for Practice: Math Games

Your student also has a DreamBox account for Math that can be accessed at school and at home by visiting the Media Center link below: (type in 0 + lunch# for both username and password)

Media Center Student Bookmarks

I will continually post more links that will help your student and feel free to refer back to this page for the resources.




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It’s All Fun and Games Until Chemicals React!

Posted by Martha Hill on Monday Sep 7, 2015 Under School Related

IMG_2263 IMG_2262

Continuing with our Science Heat Unit, we found that there were many more ways to create heat.  Two were the labs that had the ability to use certain chemicals to make homemade “Hot Hands” and to create a Fantastic Foaming Fountain!  Our students found that ordinary chemicals that we use in our home for baking, and for wound cleansing were just the ticket to produce a reaction that heated up.  Making sure to use safety goggles while performing labs was important, and the reactions did not disappoint.  We observed definite chemical properties of the creation of gas which bubbled and foamed, and we observed our homemade “hot hands” reach the temperature of 120 degrees in a matter of seconds.  We also noticed in the Foaming Fountain that yeast, hydrogen peroxide, and regular dish soap created a spectacular standing fountain that also demonstrated a temperature that was around 98 degrees.  From using solar ovens to creating heated fountains, our class is beginning to understand that heat is all around us.  A day in the life of a 3rd grade science student!

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Field Trip to EJES Kitchen: It’s “Heating” Up!

Posted by Martha Hill on Saturday Aug 22, 2015 Under School Related

IMG_2248 IMG_2254 IMG_2250

Learning is Heating Up!

Today our class took a little field trip to the EJES kitchen where we experienced heat energy up close and personal.  Mr. Rich Friedman, our cafeteria manager, gave us a wonderful demonstration of how temperature plays such an important role in our everyday life.  We were able to experience what cold really is by visiting our freezer, and discussed why heat helps us to prepare food for all of our students.  We discussed fahrenheit and celsius on the thermometer, and we were able to understand how the temperature is read and how they relate to each other.  We want to thank Mr. Rich for allowing us to learn in his kitchen, and for making a connection to our everyday life. We love how everyone at EJES helps our students get the most out of our education!

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