Apr 28

5K Night of Neon


Apr 14

Week at a glance (April 14-18)

Monday: CRCT Pre-Test

Tuesday: Strengths and Weaknesses from the Pre-Test

Wednesday: CRCT Practice

Thursday: CRCT Practice

Friday: CRCT Practice / Homework 21 Due

Mar 31

Spring Break Extra Credit!!!

I know that the last thing anyone wants to do during spring break is math. However, with CRCT around the corner it is important to keep practicing the skills we have be developing all year.  One great way to do this is spending just 20 minutes a day on IXL.  IXL provides problems as well as solutions to problems when they are answered incorrectly.  For any student who spends 2 hours over the break practicing any of our 8th grade standards they will receive 10 points extra credit on any unit test.  The Username is their lunch#@ejms and their Password is goeagles.

Link to IXL 8th grade standards: http://www.ixl.com/standards/common-core/math/grade-8

If you want to practice what we are currently studying the standard is “CCSS.Math.Content.8.EE.C.8b”

Mar 17

Week at a glance (March 17- 21)

Monday: Solving systems of equations by graphing

Tuesday: Practice / ELT / Test and/or Quiz make-ups

Wednesday: Solving systems of equations by substituting

Thursday: Practice

Friday: Quiz / Homework 18 Due

Mar 10

Week at a glance (Mar. 10-14)

Monday: Categorical Data

Tuesday: Categorical Data

Wednesday: Study Guide (make up quiz for band and chorus)

Thursday: Study Guide

Friday: Unit Test / Homework 17 Due

Mar 03

Week at a glance (Mar. 3-7)

Monday: Writing equations (real world)

Tuesday: Writing equations (real world)

Wednesday: Graphing linear equations in slope-intercept form

Thursday: Graphing linear equations in standard form

Friday: Quiz / Homework 16 due

Feb 24

Week at a glance (Feb. 24- 28)

Monday: Bridge thickness experiment

Tuesday: Bridge length experiment

Wednesday: Linear Models

Thursday: Linear Models

Friday: Quiz / Homework 15 due

Feb 19

Winter Dance


Feb 19

FFA Week


Feb 19

Week at a glance (Feb. 17th – 21st)

Monday: Linear Models

Tuesday: Linear Models

Wednesday: Linear Models / ELT

Thursday: Linear Models

Friday: Quiz / Homework 14 due

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