Science News

Important Dates:

Thursday Jan. 10th-Water Unit Performance Task/Summative

Friday Jan. 11th-Water Unit Test/Summative

Students need to study their Water Unit study guide

that was given out and completed before the holiday break


Science News

Science fair projects will be on display for parents on Thursday, December 6th from 3:45-6:00pm.  The science fair projects displayed are those that met the criteria to move on to the next level.   Please ask your child if he/she made it to the school level.

Science News

1) The Rocks/Minerals Unit grades will be on term 2 and will not be calculated into 1st term report cards.  Students have been given back their test grade and performance task for the unit on rocks and minerals.

2) Science Fair Paper is due October 19th

3) Science Fair Display Board is due October 26th

Have a Great Fall Break!


Science Fair Update

Students will need to show me on Friday September 21st a graph or chart showing data from their science experiment.   This can be hand drawn and labeled and be in their log book or a graph or chart that was made using the computer.  A helpful website is  We discussed this last week.  They also need to show me their conclusion from their experiment.  We also discussed this last week. This should be a few sentences relating back to their hypothesis whether it was correct or not and why.

Students also received a handout on how to write the report.  We discussed this and the due date for the report is on October 19th.

Thank you students and parents for all your hard work!  You are all AWESOME!

Ms. Selzer

Plate Tectonics Unit

We will be having the performance task for this unit on Wed. Sept. 12th.  This will be a writing assignment in class.  Students are to study their study guide that was given to them last week.

We will be having the unit test for this unit on Friday Sept. 14th.  Students are to study their study guide that was given to them last week.

Science Fair

According to the calendar handed out to students, students should be conducting their experiment at home and finishing up the experiment by Sept. 14th.  Next, they should be starting to analyze data and draw conclusions and be ready to show in their log book a graph, chart along with their conclusion on Sept. 21st.  Students have a packet called “How to Do a Science Fair Project” in their science fair folder that can be helpful!

Formative Quiz

We are now studying plate tectonics.  Students have received the study guide and taken notes on the answers for the study guide from the smart board.  We will have a formative quiz on Monday September 10th.  Students need to study their study guide!!!



Inside the Earth Summative Test

We will have our first summative test on Friday August 31st.  Students have been given the study guide today (Aug. 27th) with the questions and we discussed the answers, which were then put up on the smart board for students to copy in to their science notebooks. Study your study guide to prepare for the test!!!!


Welcome and News!!!!

Welcome to 6th grade science on Team Awesome!!!!  I look forward to teaching and learning with all my students!!!

We have worked the first two weeks on the scientific method and received science fair forms.  Thank you parents for returning the signed topic form and calendar.  Students have also received this past week a packet that will help them with doing their project.  The calendar for due dates and the science fair packet are in the student’s science fair folder. We had a due date just this past Friday on August 24th.  The calendar is a guide to help students keep up with their project so that they do not get so behind on their project!

Last week we started learning about a new standard, composition of the Earth.  We worked on a scale drawing of the Earth’s layers which integrated some math skills.  The students did a great job!!!!!!