Retesting available during lunch and flex for Georgia Studies and Physical Science


If you tested poorly on the Georgia Studies or Physical Science test on 8/21, retesting will be available this weed during lunch and flex.  Also see the attached study guides that can be used as you take time to study for the retest.

Study guide for Physical Science Quiz

Scientific Process

  1. Ask a question
  2. Conduct Research
  3. Form a hypothesis
  4. Test the hypothesis
  5. Analyze the Results
  6. Draw Conclusion

Control Group– The group that remans normal

Independent Variable (IV) – What are you are testing?

Dependent Variable (DV)- What you are measuring?

The Constants– The things that remain the same throughout the experiment


Infer-Using observations to come to a conclusion

Predict-To make an uneducated guess

Classify-To place into groups based on similarities

Measure-To determine the size of an object

Hypothesize– An educated guess or possible answer to a question

Communicate-To pass information to another person

Observe-To gather information using the 5 senses

Experiment-To test an idea or hypothesis


Balance/Scales–measures mass–using the units –milligram (mg), gram (g), kilogram (kg)

Beaker/Graduated cylinder–measures volume–using the units—liter (l), milliliter (ml)

Ruler— measures length—using the units of meter (m), centimeter (cm), millimeter (mm)

Put the following steps in order for the scientific processes

                 Conduct Research                Ask a Question
                Test the Hypothesis               Form a Hypothesis
                  Draw Conclusion              Analyze the Results


Welcome Back!

I am so excited about the 2015-16 school year!  This year I will be teaching 8th grade Physical Science for two blocks with Mr. Schupska, one block of ELA with Ms. Wood, and one block teaching my favorite subject, Georgia Studies with Mr. Tolbert.

I plan to use the website to post upcoming test, post study guides, graphic organizers, and memory clues for the subjects I am teaching.  You can also check out the website for Mr. Schupska, Ms. Wood, and Mr. Tolbert for other needed information.

Do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions at

Go Eagles!



Up Coming Events that You Don’t Want to Miss!

Night_of_Neon bloodDrive


Hope to see you all there!

Reminder for upcoming meetings for rising 8th Grader and rising 6th Graders!!

Rising 86th_Grade_Night (2)

ATTENTION: A night you don’t want to miss!

Come join us for our 1st Multicultural Night!  We are transforming the school so that you will have the opportunity to visit many countries like Japan, Germany, India, China, and Mexico. Each country features a variety of hand-on activities and some food.

In addition, you also don’t want to miss the Chili Cook-off sponsored by the PTO.


Look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Events!!!


Pleas join us for a wonderful night of chili and culture!

CCRPI and Star Climate Surveys

Log into the website below and take the following survey. Thanks in advance for your help!

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences have been changed due to the snow break.  If you have not scheduled your meeting, please contact your child’s first block teacher as soon as possible.  Student’s will be leading their conferences, but teachers are available to answer any questions and provide feedback.  This is a special time for your child, but also for the teachers.  Together we can work to make sure your child receives the instruction and support needed to be successful.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!


Put on Your Dancing Shoes!


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