3rd 9-weeks!

Social Studies binders start over for the third nine weeks. A new Table of Contents will be posted soon. Please make sure your student has all the notebook pages completed. Students were encouraged to keep their materials from the first semester, as they will be included in the final exam. Also, students will have a quiz over government systems possibly as early as this Friday the 16th.

Final Exam

The final semester exam for Social Studies will be administered next Wednesday the 17th. The exam is cumulative so students need to study their notes from both the 1st and 2nd 9-weeks.

Quarter 2

Social Studies notebooks have started over for the 2nd 9-weeks. Please check students’ notebooks and make sure they are organized. We currently have only 5 pages for the 2nd quarter.


Please make sure that your student has a 3-ring binder that is used specifically for Social Studies class. We give the students a lot of documents, maps, notes, etc. that they are responsible for keeping up with. We do not use a textbook as a primary instructional tool, so a well organized notebook is critical to success.

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!

In 6th grade we will study the geography, culture, economies and governments of Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Australia. Please check out the Georgia Performance Standards posted under the “Class Documents” tab for specific details on the course of study.