Oct 21

We are studying……

Math:  multiplication of multi-digit numbers, place value, patterns, factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers, addition and subtraction.


Coming up in math:  division  (partial-quotients method)


Science:  force and motion


Writing:  informational 



Oct 15

Everyday reminders

Read, read, read every night for at least 30 minutes.

AR points:  3 every week


Practice multiplication and division facts daily.



Our classwork/homework sheets are a great review for students.  You may see some questions repeated throughout the year.  This is to make sure that information and skills stay current.  We encourage students to complete the Social Studies and Science portions of the classwork/homework in the mornings when they arrive at school.  This will decrease the amount of items students will bring home in their backpacks.

Oct 15

Science test

Unit test over sound:  Wednesday, October 16th

Sep 10

Math Test Unit 1

Math test over unit 1


Addition  and subtraction with multi-digit numbers,

estimation and rounding,

place value, and


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