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Week of 9/23/2013

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This week we are wrapping up the matter unit and finishing the UNIT TEST ON WEDNESDAY.  We will be doing a performance task for the unit and then completing the first 3 pages of our “Student’s Guide to Physical Science” to finish the week. Next week we will begin our new unit.  Previously we were going to be beginning the Periodic Table unit, but the science department has decided to do Composition of Matter first.  So get ready to learn all about Atoms, Molecule, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures!

This week we will have a short Exponents quiz on Monday.  After our quiz there will be time for students to complete their Exponent Children’s Book.  This will be due Tuesday at the beginning of class.  For the remainder of the week we will be applying what we’ve already learned about exponents to scientific notation and then completing operations with numbers expressed in scientific notation.  It should be a blast!  If we progress far enough, we may have a short scientific notation quiz on Friday. 

Another week…



This week we will continue exploring the properties of matter, changes in matter, and states of matter.  In addition to talking about changes in the states of matter, we will discuss Boyle’s law and Charles’s Law as they relate to gases. On Wednesday and Thursday we will revisit density as we work in the lab to identify substances based only on their calculated density.  Friday, students will receive and complete a study guide which should be used over the weekend to study for Monday’s UNIT TEST AAAAAAAARGH!
Students will continue exploring the properties of exponents and the rules governing their use with operations in expressions and equations.  After finalizing their performance series tests, students will search for patterns relating to negative and zero exponents.  Later in the week, the class will explore exponents raised to other exponents prior to reviewing for a short quiz on Friday.

Week of September 10

In science this week, we will continue exploring the properties of matter, changes in matter, and states of matter.  Students will construct a States of Matter foldable as well as complete a states of matter graphic organizer. There will be a quiz on Friday over this material and students will be able to use their foldable/graphic organizer.  Tuesday we will have demonstrations on physical and chemical changes to matter and Wednesday we will be viewing chemical reactions by building mini-rockets.
This week we begin our study of Exponents.  YAY!!!!  We will be completing a foldable of all exponents rules at the beginning of the week and will be exploring multiplication, division, and additional powers when dealing with exponents.  Thursday and Friday we will be in the computer lab for Performance Series testing.


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