This week we will be continuing our study of force and motion.  We will be creating a vocabulary flipbook (Test on vocab on FRIDAY!) of the Force and Motion unit.  We will also discuss the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces.  We will introduce Newton’s Laws of Motion and complete a Rollercoaster mini-project demonstrating each law.  Finally, we will complete our Walking Dead Zombie Lab comparing acceleration and velocity (which has been weather delayed for over a week now – – Think SUN!!!!).

In Math, we will be completing our Holiday Ornament project in preparation for Math Curriculum Night on Tuesday, December 10th.  Students will be completing a writing prompt regarding their ornament and also presenting it to the class.  We will spend Wednesday prepping for our Unit Test.  Thursday is the DAY OF THE UNIT TEST!!!! (Pythagorean Theorem and Volume of Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres).  Friday we will complete the UNIT TEST PERFORMANCE TASKS!!!!