We will be having an assessment on European Explorers tomorrow.  Students have graphic organizers they can study as well as notes in their journals.

Tomorrow is also Nerd Day!

Math Assessment Thursday


As part of our multiplication unit, we have been studying factorization and decomposing numbers.  My math classes will receive a study guide for factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers, and number patterns.  Your child will have his or her math journals available for studying as well.  Our assessment is scheduled for this Thursday.

Thanks for all you do to support your child!

Social Studies Assessment


I will be sending home a study guide this week for your child to compete and review if he or she needs extra support with the Native Americans unit.  It contains all content being assessed.  We will have a re-assessment on Thursday for my class and Friday for Mr. Sibcy’s class.  If your child has already met this standard, a review will not be sent home.

Thank you!

Mrs. Gooch