Welcome to Chemistry!

Welcome to Ms. Koenig’s Chemistry website.  I am just getting started and I will add content as I can.  You should be able to find information on this site such as powerpoints from class, copies of the syllabus, copies of assignments, and links to helpful resources.  Come here often to find links to videos and sites that will be a part of our course work.

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End of the year!

The Chemistry SLO will be given during final exam times.


The study guide is here!   Chem SLO Study Guide

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Mole Day!!!!

Mole day Projects are coming!!!!


Ideas are due to Ms. Koenig by January 19.  Email her at skoenig@jcss.us with your idea.  Be sure that the email includes your name and a description of the idea.


Projects are due Tuesday January 26, 2016.  They will NOT be accepted Late!!!


Here are the instructions.   Mole Day Project 2015  

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Sign up for Remind and I will send you messages to do homework, prepare for tests and quizzes and dress appropriately for lab.

There are 3 ways to do this:

1.  Download the free app and enter the code@6923a1

2.  Text the message @6923a1 to (201)764-5633

3.  Go to www.remind.com/join/0457c


You will get messages from Ms.K.  I cannot see your cell number.  You can send me messages if you wish.

Join and stay up to date!

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Cool Chemistry News!

Ever wonder what a Higgs Boson is?  Here is a cartoon video that explains it.

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Supplies needed for Chemistry

Each student will need the following materials for Chemistry:

3 Ring binder
Notebook paper
Scientific calculator (you may not use your cell phone and I cannot provide you with a calculator)
Pens/Pencils – any kind
Dividers for the notebook
Markers or colored pencils

The following optional items for classroom use but will be greatly appreciated.
1 package of dry erase markers
1 ream of copy paper
1 – 3 pack of tissues

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