7th Math & Science

2nd & 3rd Block Math

Week of April 7 – 11, 2014

Mon, Tues, Wed: Review of Unit 1: Numbers & Operations

  • Integers

  • Coordinate Planes

Thurs & Fri: Review of Unit 2: Equations & Expressions

  • One step & two step equations

  • Combining Like Terms

  • Substitution

 For this weeks lesson plans, please visit:


Week March 24-28



  • Cross Sections

  • Volume of 3D shapes

  • Area of 3D shapes

Please click on the link for this weeks lesson plans and homework:


Geometry in March 2nd & 3rd Block Math


  • Classifying Angles (interactive comp. book) with vocabulary and examples


  • Finish with interactive comp. book on angles
  • Solve for angle measurements in the form of equations


  • Classifying Triangles by Sides and Angles
  • Review for a quiz


  • Quiz on solving for angles and triangle sides

Week Feb. 24-28

  • 2nd and 3rd block Class will be working and reviewing a study guide for the Unit 3 Test: Ratio’s and Proportions
  • Homework for the week is to study each night the problems we went over in class.

Unit 2: Expressions & Equations

October standards to cover:

– Numeric and Verbal Expression translation

– Combining like terms

– Substitution

– Properties

August 26- 30th

Numbers and Operations

  • What are integers?
  • How do I solve them in word problems?
  • Can I demonstrate how to write and integer in a word problem?



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