Comic Life

Piper advertised a laundry scheme on p. 75. Create a comic life on Piper and Moose and their advertisement.

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Staci Smith

Write a journal entry as if your family and you moved to Alcatraz.
Answer the following questions:
1. You are in the process of moving. How are you feeling?
2. Do you think that you are going to like living in Alcatraz? Why or why not?
3. Write about the friends you have met (characters in the book). How do you feel about them?
4. Predict: What do you think is going to happen? Are you (or Moose) going to start liking Alcatraz? Do you think you will always dislike Alcatraz? Will you meet new friends? etc. Why or why not?

Remember!!! – In your journal, you must write the date at the top of your entry!
example: January 14, 1935

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Staci Smith