Grades Are Posted!

All grades have been updated and posted to

Infinite Campus!

Our students did a fantastic job on ratios and proportions as well as statistics! I am so excited to see how the grades have increased over the year!

Let’s keep practicing at school and at home to ensure the highest score possible on the CRCTs coming up! Use the links on each Unit page to pracitce and refresh!


SPRING BREAK: April 1-5, 2013

CRCT Week: April 17-25, 2013


End of the 9 Weeks!

We are fast approaching the end of the 9 weeks…3 more days!

I have updated the grades that I have on Infinite Campus. If you need your log-in information, please let me know. If there is not a grade, the assignment is missing. Missing assignments are in the process of being corrected or completed. Everyone has turned in at least something.

Any assignments not turned in by Wednesday, March 13th will be marked as a ZERO. Please talk to your child to make sure this does not happen to them 🙂



ACCESS Testing

We are almost finished with our testing!! YAY!

CRCT Practice!

Go to the following link for CRCT practice!

Happy Studying! 🙂

Practice Your Equations and Inequalities!

Go to the following links to practice your equation and inequalitiy skills 🙂

Math Play


Johnnie’s Middle School Math

Inequalities Practice



We will be testing on Inequalities & Equations on Friday, November 29, 2012


We will be taking a cumulative exam for Unit 1 & 2 on Monday, December 17, 2012


Due to the difficulty of word problems, we are going to spend three days reviewing for Unit 2 Part 1 test.

We will begin testing on Tuesday, October 23.

Math Test Coming Up!!

We will be testing on EXPRESSIONS on Friday, October 19!

Practice with these:

Combining Like Terms Space Game

Multiple Choice Combining Like Terms

Refresh Your Memory: How to Combine Like Terms

Order of Operations Game

Writing Expressions from Words

Writing Expressions Quiz

Evaluating Expressions Game


Search for a lesson on each of these topics by going to:

Khan Academy Videos


Math Update

We are wrapping up the first part of Unit 1!

We have just finished our first test and will begin our first performance task Wednesday, September 12.

Keep working hard on fractions, decimals, and integers!

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