Regular Math Week of 9/16/13

We will begin our Expressions and Equations unit.

The following is a copy of the notes and problems assigned in class today.


Advanced Math Week of 9/16/13

We will begin our unit on Probability on 9/16/13.  Attached are the notes from Monday 9/16.



West Jackson Weekly 9/9/13


Regular Math Week of 9/3/2013

We are learning how to perform operations with integers.  Attached are review notes for students on the topics of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers.



West Jackson Weekly 9/3

Attached is the West Jackson Weekly Newsletter for the week of 9/3.




Remind 101


Remind 101 is a texting program that will allow you to receive text messages from me regarding reminders in math, such as homework, quizzes and tests.

Please see the files below for information regarding how to sign up for this feature.

Remind 101 Invite Regular

Remind 101 Invite

The first Invite flyer is for my regular math classes and the second is for my advanced math classes.






Advanced Math Study Guide Unit 1 Test

Attached is the study guide for the Unit 1 Test in advanced math periods 1 and 4.  We will begin testing tomorrow in 1st period and on Wednesday in 4th period.  Students should work the problems and come to class with questions.


Unit 1 CCGPS Study Guide


8/19 – 8/23 Advanced Math

Below are the notes and work we will be completing this week in class.

Due to ITBS testing this week, we will only cover these two topics.

Copy of GMCL__2.3D Copy of GMCL__2.4D

West Jackson Weekly News for the week of 8/19

Attached is the WJMS weekly newsletter.



Monday 8/12/13

Today in class we discussed how fractions, decimals and percents are related.  If your student did not finish the problems assigned in class today, it should be completed tonight for homework.

Attached are the problems assigned in class.

Advanced Lesson 1

Regular Lesson 1


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