Scientific Revolution

11 Nov

Here is the Scientific Revolution Powerpoint!

Scientific Revolution 5

R & R Time!

09 Nov

Nope not Rest and Relaxation, but Renaissance and Reformation! Test is Monday and here is the review sheet with the answers as promised!


R & R test review answers

Robin Hood! 7th Block

23 Oct

Today we are finishing the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Your assignment due Monday the 27th of October, in the year 2014…(sorry got carried away) is to write a 5 paragraph paper on how the movie demonstrated the Islam religion, the Crusades, and the relationship between noble power and the life of the common people. Do NOT tell me about the movie…(I know the movie) tell me about the specifics of what I am asking.

Grade Enhancement Opportunity for 7th Block

16 Oct

Do the opposite storyboard assignment that we did last week!

Study Guide for Friday’s Test

16 Oct

Here is the study guide for Friday, October 16th, 2014 test.

Because dome very worried young ladies asked here is the study guide with answers.

Study guide for the Rise of Islam and Crusades test answers

Grade Enhancement Opportunity for 2nd and 3rd Blocks

09 Oct

Here is the first opportunity for a grade enhancement!


Write 33 questions off of the vocabulary words on the documents below. The first document will enhance our first test and the second document will enhance the second test. The questions must have the answers with them and be correct. The grade will be averaged with the original test score to give a new score for each test respectively.


Yes! You are welcome!


Unit 1 Test 1 Grade Enhancement Assignment


Unit 1 Test 2 Grade Enhancement Assignment


08 Oct

Unit 2 Test 1 will be on 10-17-2014 covering The Middle Ages.

I’ll leave you with this for your viewing pleasure…


YouTube Preview Image

Coat of Arms

07 Oct

Noble families during the Middle ages…errr Dark Ages…errr Medieval Times…whichever you want to call it had what they would call a Coat of Arms. It would tell about the family and the lineage of the family line.

Here is mine (according to Google):

This doesn’t say anything about my family. My wife has made one and I’ll try to put it up here soon!

Your assignment is to draw your Coat of Arms with pictures that represent you. Please include at least 3 pictures. Due 10-09-2014!

October 9th is Coming!

01 Oct

Next Thursday, October 9th, 2014, is an important date!


It is the last day to turn in past due work from Unit 1 and receive a grade of any sort for it!



Back to the Future…errrr Foldable

01 Oct

We are adding to theĀ “WORLD RELIGIONS FOLDABLE” (play ominous “da da dun…..” music here)

We will have 5 religions we cover in this class. At this time we have covered 3 of them.

  1. Hinduism
  2. Buddhism
  3. Judaism

This week we are adding:

  1. Islam
  2. Christianity

On page 296 of our book there is a chart that will give all the following information except for the problem and solution.

For each religion above you nee to have listed the following:

  • Deity
  • Founder
  • Followers
  • Basic beliefs
  • Problem and solution
  • Picture to help you remember the religion

This is to be done on 1 and a half sheets of computer/copy paper folded hamburger style.

The final product will be able to be used on the quiz on FRIDAY!



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