Unit 2 Test 2 Concept Map

20 Oct

Here is the Concept Map for Unit 2 Test 2.

Unit 2 Test 2 Concept Map

Manifest Destiny

08 Oct

The Project is behind us and the country is now from sea to sea.


The “BIG QUESTION” is the land going to be free or slave?


Today we are working on the events leading up to the Civil War from 1820.


Here is the abolitionist worksheet!


Unit 2 Test 1 Concept Map

08 Oct

Unit 2 Test 1 Concept Map

October 9th is coming!

01 Oct

Next Thursday, October 9th, 2014, is an important date!


It is the last day to turn in past due work from Unit 1 and receive a grade of any sort for it!



Unit 1 Test 3 Concept Map

18 Sep

We are starting the 3rd part of Unit 1 starting after Revolution to after the War of 1812.

Here is the Concept Map and Word Wall.


Unit 1 Test 3 Concept Map

Unit 1 Test 2 Concept Map

18 Sep

Test 2 Unit 1 Concept Wall

The American Revolution

02 Sep

We started the section on the American revolution today, covering the Battle of Lexington.

Test Announced!

21 Aug

Test for this section will be Tuesday, August 26th, 2014.

Story Time!

18 Aug

We are working on our “Children’ Story” for either the Southern, New England, or Middle Colonies. This is a joint project with Mrs. Peterson’s American Literature class. Don’t worry if you don’t have Mrs. Peterson you will still be able to complete this project!

See us for instructions!

Test 1 Review

14 Aug


Middle Colonies

14 Aug

Middle Colonies

The Southern Colonies

11 Aug

The Southern Colonies

Unit 1 Test 1 Concept Wall

06 Aug

Here is your Concept Wall for our 1st test which is tentatively scheduled for the 22nd of August.

Test 1 Unit 1 Concept Wall

Welcome Back!

06 Aug

Welcome to Coach Brubaker’s and Mr. DeHart’s US History class!

Here you will find what we are working on with links to print out the assignments if you missed or lost them from class!

You may even be directed here from time to time to see an assignment!


Here is your first one!


In at least 1 paragraph, which is 6 to 10 GOOD sentences, explain what happened to Columbus’ three ships and why we celebrate Columbus Day in the US.

This will be the “ticket out the door” on Monday and your first daily grade!

Mr. DeHart U. S. History

Welcome to my site! This site is for all things dealing with Coach Brubaker and my U.S. History Class!

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