Math and Sci Study Help CRCT

 - by Coach Vance

Below is a PDF with Perfect Squares, Cubes, and Pythagorean Triples to aid in the students’ studying for the Math CRCT on Tues:


Below is a PDF file with a final overall review for the Science CRCT on Wednesday (Some of these questions are answered incorrectly but it is still a good review, we talked about some of the ones that were wrong):

8th Grade Physical Science CRCT review


Math Test On Friday 2/1

 - by Coach Vance

Test is over Function, Tables, Unit Rate (slope), Initial Value (y-intercept), graphing, and using slope-intercept form (y = mx + b)

MATH Test 10/19

 - by Coach Vance

Math test for Unit 2 Part 2 will be on Friday, Oct. 19. Study Guide is posted under Unit 2B.


Math UNIT 2A TEST tomorrow.

 - by Coach Vance

Test over Exponents and their uses, scientific notation, and approximating radicals.

Chapter 11 Vocabulary Quiz

 - by Coach Vance

Quiz over the vocabulary words from Ch. 11. Atoms and Atomic Structure.


 - by Coach Vance

Quiz over exponent rules and using them to solve problems.

FINAL Date of Unit 1 Math Test

 - by Coach Vance

The final date for Coach Vance’s math test is Tuesday, September 11.

This will cover Transformations, Triangle Congruence & Similarity, and Parallel Lines cut by Transversals.

Math Quiz (8/17)

 - by Coach Vance

Quiz will cover all Transformations.


 - by Sara Thornton

Thank you so much for all of the classroom donations. We are so grateful for your generosity. We look forward to working with you throughout this year. Please email any of us if you have any questions or just want to check in.

Thank you again!!!!!

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