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The Book Fair is Coming!

Our book fair will run October 15-18. The theme is “Reading Oasis: A Cool Place to Discover a Hot Book.” The Media Club will have its first meeting on Thursday, September 26 from 3:30-4:30 to create a game plan. We will be previewing books and authors during your media center visits. We also have an online fair where you can browse and purchase from home.

I Like Big Books!

Check out this fun video made by middle school students in Texas. Listen for all the different genres they mention in the song. Let the list inspire you to read something out of your reading “comfort zone.”

“I Like Big Books!”

What is Ms. Mitchell Reading Right Now?

I’m reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. It’s not the kind of book I’d usually read. I don’t like adult fiction much, but I picked this one up because of the strange combination of historical fiction and horror. I was sold on it by reading the back cover, the reviews, and by the fact that it’s won some awards. I like the combination of historical fiction and horror. So far, so good!


Rock Your Revision!


ELACC7W3: Write narratives using effective technique

ELACC7W5: Strengthen writing by revising


EQ: What IS revision, anyway?? How is it different than editing? This map can give us a hint.

Remember… “Zoom in, zoom out.” Zoom in to edit, zoom out to revise.

Revision= RE-VISION. Let’s try it! The Haunted School Bus



ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!! Good vs. bad information on the internet


First…I love science. Check out this cool website about the Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!


EQ: How can you tell if information you find on the internet is “good” or “bad?” What does that mean?

  1. Consider WHO wrote the information. Does this person have any authority on the topic?
  2. WHAT does the site say? Does it make sense? Is it well-written or slapped up online as a late-night school project?
  3. WHEN was it posted? Information changes rapidly these days. Make sure the site has been updated recently
  4. WHERE is the information posted? If it’s a .edu or .org site, those tend to be more reliable. Joe’s big sister’s FB page, not so much.
  5. WHY is the information there? Fairly talking about a controversial issue, such as global warming, is ok. Propaganda, which tries to make you believe a certain way, is not.

Mrs. Howell will give you some terms to search. Look critically at your results to determine which are the best sites, using WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY,






Hello, students!

Welcome to the WJMS Media Center student page.  Everything you would like to know about the media center and more about the lessons I teach is on this page.  Happy exploring!

You can also contact me if you have any questions about where to find something.

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