Mrs. Wendy Mahaffey

6th/7th grade Social Studies

October 3-14


Wednesday-Friday (10/5-10/7):  Students will use this time to complete their book talk pre-writes, their final drafts, work on projects and/or practice their presentations.

Monday and Tuesday (10/10-10/11):  No school!  Enjoy your loooong weekend 🙂

Wednesday-Friday (10/12-10/14):  Students will present their Book Talks.  Students will lose 5 points for each day they are late.

Please check that your student has paper, pencils, and pens. Thanks!!!

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September 5-9


Monday and Tuesday are student holidays- ENJOY!


  • Students will continue narrative writing using a different point of view.
  • Students will practice using figurative language in their writing (simile, personification, and metaphors)
  • Students will compare and contrast dependent and independent clauses.
  • Students should be reading for homework:  book projects will be due Wednesday, September 14th
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